March 12, 2021  -  Updated the Photographs.
Aunt Mary had given me her slides (900 of them ) a few years ago. I had my daughters Katherine and Bridgit digitize them over 2 summers. I paid them $10 an hour. They could scan 10 pictures an hour.
Also reloaded all of the photos and negatives from albums Karl Schroeder brought to the reunions.
The photos and slides were scanned at a high resolution. You can now zoom and pan the photos using the mouse or buttons below the photo.
Next step is to provide captions, Also thinking of adding audio descriptions.

Also update some data in the family tree database. Added death dates and missing children. I could use information on 3rd generation marriages, spouses, and children.

Ever wonder what website hardware looks like? I use a raspberry pi zero computer for developing the website. The thousands of pages all fit in the 32GB microSD chip.

July 13, 2016  -  Finally got the changes deployed to the real website.
The Birthday calendar now gets it's data from a real family tree database. This was much trickier than I thought. The list of birthday names starts with William Herman Schroeder. It then gets his spouse, Caroline Koch. Then his children and thier spouses, then thier children. It keeps descending generations until there are no more children. The first problem I ran into was the names. Women have birth last names and married last names. The calendar does use somthing called 'calendar_name'. For women I wrote a program to get calendar name as
<First Name> (<Birth Last Name>) <Spouse Last Name> There are still some problems. The program does use divorces so all spouses are showing up. The calendar only shows living spouses so first spouses will not show if the have passed away. I do not know what to do about step-children. The program should not currently show step children. There bad data in the database for Uncle Ed's family. Aunt Phyllis's children from her first marriage are showing because they are linked to her marriage to Uncle Ed and not her first marriage. Uncle Jack's step children are not showing because they are linked to Aunt Pat's first marriage.
Should I show the birthdays of step children?
Having a family tree database will make some other things possible. I hope to have a calendar with event's like marriage dates and a calendar with dates of death.
I could use some help with the database data. The data is about 15 years old. If you see any data that is wrong (a wrong date) or have any data missing from the database (new birth or death) please send it to me using the email link at the bottom of each web page.
March 29, 2013  -  Wow! Six years and no updates. Sorry about that. I actually have been making updates but to a version of the site that is only on a home computer. I have not been putting the changes on web. I gave up on converting to XHTML and have switched to a new standard HTML5.
I have also fixed a problem of initial entering the site and getting the wrong start page where the links did not work. There are 2 ways to get to the site: - will redirect to - the this is the true address for the site
The difference between these two is the directory trees behind the addresses.
I also have an old version of the site available at this address:
This version is from a CD I had made of the site and has the original layout of the photo albums. I had reorganised the albums at some point broken some of the links. The old site has 'static' pages with each photo having it's own physical page. The newer site has a program to generate the individual pages. This allows for easier changes.
December 31, 2007  -  Wow! Two years and no updates. Sorry about that. And the site has been broken since I moved it to the new web address. When the site was first created the World Wide Web (WWW) was brand new and there were not a lot of standards. You generally had to know the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and you could make a website. The first version of the website was built with this way. Later additions included the use of the Perl Language to make the dynamic pages like the calendar and the photo album pages. This is the start of revamping the site to more current standards, All of the pages are being rewritten in the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Javascript.
August 18, 2005  -  As you can tell the web site address has changed slightly. The new address is: The new site has a lot more disk space (1600 Mb up from 200 Mb) for about one third the cost ($7 / month vs $19 / month). The new site has a lot more options of where I can store things so I decided to move all of the Schroeder files to a common place. I have been working on the photo database for over 6 years. It still is not ready but my goal is to have it running by the end of the year. There are about 1100 photos from Karl Schroeder that I want information for. I have about 200 photos from the reunions themselves that I want to get online.
I scan the photos at a high resolution and then scale them down for the web. A color scan is over 20 MB, Black and White about 400 KB, the web images are scaled down to 50 KB or less. If anyone wants a high resolution scan photo send me an email and we will figure out how to get it to you.
January 22, 2004  -  Over 1200 Family Tree web pages have been created from data from Karl Schroeder. The tree starts with William Herman Schroeder. Just click on a name jump to that persons family tree page. Each page contains 3 generations. The person's parents, the person's brothers and sisters, and the person's children. There are some bugs in the program used to generate the pages. (Missing vertical lines, children attached to the wrong spouse) Some dates are also missing. Please report any errors or missing dates to
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July 25, 2002 Newsletter to the archives
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Added a link to Karl Schroeder's Family Tree
September 5, 2002  -  Added Andrew Foss Jr to the birthday calendar - Andrew was born April 8, 2002
June 27, 2002  -  Posted June 4, 2001 Newsletter to the archives
Posted September 22, 2000 Newsletter to the archives
February 27, 2002  -  Changed Calendar Program - It now shows a persons age
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Remember reunion directions are available
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