VOL XXX Number 1 May 6, 2003
The Schroeder Reunion Newsletter
All the stuff we could dig up!
The Schroeder 2003 reunion will be held August 16, 2003 at Oxford Lake, New Jersey
Excuses, Excuses

Wait for the to finish the roll of film with reunion pictures on it, sister-in-law's baby, computer upgrades, Halloween, hunting trip, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays take your pick, that's why this newsletter is so late.
2002 Reunion Recap

To those who did not attend, you missed a great reunion. For the 65 of you who did attend - what a party! Started off with an invocation by Heidi Fritts (Joan's daughter). A moment of silence for a departed member - Mike Schroeder (Bill's son). Welcomed new some new members - Jillian Scheel (Joan's daughter Mary's daughter), Andrew Foss Jr (Carolyn's son Andrew's son), Maureen Sutton (Virginia's son John's wife), Bobby Schroeder's wife (Ed's son Bobby's son Bobby's wife). Had a "State of the Schroeders" address with everybody participating. The following officers were elected:

Newsletter Editor: Lloyd Foss Jr (Carolyn's son)
Treasurer: Pat Lou Schroeder (Bill's daughter)

Bill Schroeder's family will be responsible for food for next year's reunion.
No decision was made as to moving the reunion.

You can contact me:
by Mail:
   Lloyd Foss Jr
   1344 Hollyberry Lane
   West Chester PA 19380
by Phone:
   610 719 1844
by email:
Contest Results

50-50 Results

Heidi Fritts (Joan's Daughter) won $10. (Picked by Kelsey Schroeder - (Bill's Son JR's daughter)

Casey Unangst (Carolyn's daughter Mary Lou's daughter) won $12. (Picked by Parker Schroeder - Bill's son JR's Son)

Lynn Schroeder (Bill's son JR's wife) won $20. Picked by Edward (Joan's daughter Heidi's son)

Mark Schroeder (Jack's son) won something. (Don't have the dollar amount or who picked in my notes - sorry) Picked by Katelyn Cohen (Joan's daughter Kathy's daughter)

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Page 2 May 6, 2003
Contest Results (Cont)

Thanks to those who sold the 50-50 tickets. You did a great job

Tricky Tray

Phyliss Schroeder (Ed's wife) won the January/February tray. Picked by Casey Unangst (Carolyn's daughter Mary Lou's daughter)

John Schroeder (Jack's son) won the March/April tray. Picked by Edward Fritts (Joan's daughter Heidi's son)

Pat Lou Schroeder (Bill's daughter) won the May/June tray. Picked by Alex Schroeder (Joan's daughter Mary's son)

Debbie (Jack's son John's girlfriend) won the July/August tray Picked by Edward Fritts (Joan's daughter Heidi's son)

Mary Schroeder won the September/October tray

Lyne Foss (Carolyn's son Andy's wife) won the November/December tray

Bubble Gum Contest

Age 7 and Under Alyson Cohen (Joan's daughter Kathy's daughter
Age 8 to age 10 Katelyn Cohen (Joan's daughter Kathy's other daughter
Age 11 to age 14 Philip Foss Jr (Carolyn's son Philip's son)
Age 15 to Age 21 Jacyln Schaum (Some ringer brought in by somebody)
Age 21 to age 50 Pat Schroeder (Bill's daughter)
Age 51 to geezer Chris Schroeder (Bill's other daughter)
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Page 3 May 6, 2003
Schroeder Shorts

10/19/02 - From Karl Schroeder. Alyssa Schroeder (Karl's son Steve's daughter was on the third place water polo team.

10/31/02 - From Mary Schroeder (Happy Birthday!). Jan and Mary celebrated Canada's Thanksgiving Day (10/14) watching a parade and visiting two festhalles during Octoberfest in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario area. They also went on the 'African Lion Safai', attended a performance of "My Fair Lady" at Stratford, Ontario. They toured Saint Jacob's and the Mennonite farms around Elmira, Ontario.

2/12/03 - From the editor. I got a request from a man for information about a navy surplus compressor that he bought. He searched the web and found Bill Schroeder's as an expert on the compressors from the Schroeder web site.

2/20/03 - From Carolyn Foss. Jessica, PJ, and Christopher (Foss Carolyn's son Philip's children) and Tylor (Foss Carolyn's son Charles' son) and Matthew, Sam and Jason (Smith Carolyn's daughter Caroline's sons) all made the honor roll.

2/20/03 - Rumor has it that there is another Bamford baby on the way.

3/21/03 - Rumor has it that Tom Schroeder became a grandfather today.

3/31/03 - Wendy Roseman (Bill's son Mike's first wife) passed away. Our sincerest condolences go to their children Lauren, Alexis, and Patrick. Here is the obituary from The Easton Express-Times:

Wendy P. Roseman

Monday, March 31, 2003

Wendy P. Roseman, 48, of Bethlehem Township, died Sunday, March 30, 2003, in St. Luke's Hospital, Fountain Hill.

Born: May 6, 1954 in Philadelphia, a daughter of Jan Perusso of Nazareth and the late Michael Perusso.

Personal: She and her husband, Joseph J., were married on November 1, 2001.

She attended Bloomsburg University.

She was an Assistant Vice President for Nazareth National Bank at the Broad Street branch in Bethlehem, before going on disability.

She served on the Board of Directors at the Salvation Army in Bethlehem and also on the Board of Directors of the Girls Club in Allentown.

She was of Catholic faith.

Survivors: her husband and mother; a son, Patrick Schroeder of Bethlehem Township; a step son, J. Todd of New Berlin, Wis.; two daughters, Lauren and Alexis Schroeder, both of Bethlehem Township; two step daughters, Stephanie N. Jones of Allentown, and Suzanne M. Barovies of Moore Township; a sister, Valerie Dahl of Atlanta.

Services: A memorial mass will be celebrated 10 a.m. Wednesday in Ss. Simon & Jude Catholic Church, 730 West Broad Street, Bethlehem. Burial in Holy Saviour Cemetery, Bethlehem.

Memorials: To American Cancer Society, 2121 City Line Road, Bethlehem, PA 18017.
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Page 4 May 6, 2003
Schroeder Shorts (Cont)

5/5/03 - Rumor has it that Ed Schroeder has another great grandson.

Family Tree

Karl Schroeder has been busy loading the family tree into the computer. You can see it from the Schroeder website by clicking on the Family Tree link. Great Job Uncle Karl!. (P.S. send all corrections and changes to him!)

What Reunion is it?

Several newsletters ago the editor asked the question? When was the first reunion? The common answer was that the first reunion was when the family got together when Pap-Pap entered the nursing home in 1974. The second reunion was at Camp Hugh Beaver in 1974. That makes the 2003 reunion the Thirtieth Schroeder Reunion!

Editor's Corner

Busy - Busy -Busy. There are 3 computers in the office in our house. I discovered awhile back that it was easier to dedicate a computer to a single job than to try and make one computer do everything. So one computer does all of the word processing and banking, one does picture scanning and editing and the third is used for trying new software - so I don't mess up the other 2 computers. We have had a home network for several years so the computers could share the printers. My employer decided in September to pay for cable modem service so I could work at home if needed. This resulted in rewiring the office. There are 3 computers, 3 keyboards, 3 monitors, 6 speakers, 2 printers, a photo scanner, 3 uninterruptable power supplies, 5 power strips, a fax machine, 2 VCRs, and 4 network switches in this room. Each piece has wires going to it - I have lost count, there are at least 60 wires in the room. It took most of September and October to get things working. The cable modem has me hooked though. Now on to the two computers downstairs for the kids!
Ask Katie (Advice for the under 5 Set)

Dear Katie,

     I have a talking problem. Her name is little sister. She learning more and more words every day but learned some bad words like: "She hit my head", "Ouch! Ouch!" and "She took my car, dolly, teddy bear, etc". All this time out time is cutting into my free time. What can I do now?
Sweet but Slandered
Dear SS,

     I reading books on great smart people. One of them said, "One picture is worth a lot of words". You can't let your little sister learn a lot of words or you will live in that corner. Use Pictures. Find a picture of a kid's head. Show your little sister and say "ball". Then she tell mommy "She hit my ball" This not so bad. No time out for hitting her ball (heh-heh-heh). It be years before she get it right again. So start looking for that picture book.

Ooh I see that my younger sister Bridgit is happy playing with something so I have to take it away from her!
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