VOL XXIX Number 2 June 23, 2002
The Schroeder Reunion Newsletter
All the stuff we could dig up!
The Schroeder 2002 reunion will be held August 17, 2002 at Oxford Lake, New Jersey


There has not been a newsletter since last September because there has been very little news since the last newsletter. (at least news reported to the editor!)

Admission will be the same as last year. $5.00 per adult and $2.00 per child.
Treasurers Report

The treasurer will not be attending this year's reunion so we need a volunteer to collect admission.
Opening Balance   247.00
  Pavilion 100.00
  Food 147.00
  Prizes 40.00
Subtotal   287.00
  Attendance 159.00
  Tricky Tray 80.00
  50/50 50.00
  Extra Food 31.00
Subtotal   320.00
Total   280.00
Food Committee Report

The food committee chairman is not attending this year's reunion so the executive committee has decided that the menu will be the same as last year:

Hamburgers / Hotdogs / Salad / Chips

Everyone needs to bring there own beverages
We need volunteers to man the grill.

Please bring a dessert for the desert table!

A volunteer is needed to purchase the food and deliver it to the reunion. Or if this is not possible we need a volunteer to gripe that there is no food at this reunion.

Entertainment Committee Report

There will be a bubble gum blowing contest for both children and adults.

There will be a piñata. Volunteers will be needed to help.

The entertainment committee has not reported in. The executive committee has decided to repeat the 'Tricky Tray' as the primary fundraising activity. The rules are as follows:

There will be seven 'baskets' or raffle prizes.

You can purchase any number of tickets and spread them between baskets or put them all on the basket you want to increase your chances of winning. (That's how two people won two baskets each last year!)

Everyone should bring something for the basket which corresponds with the month you were born. For example someone born in November should bring something for the "Holiday Helpers" basket.

Everyone is encouraged to bring things for the other baskets as well if they have things that fit the category and were planning on getting rid of it anyway.

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Page 2 June 23, 2002
Entertainment Committee Report

Also there will be a seventh basket for Schroeder Bric a Brac that everyone is asked to bring for. People can interpret the baskets anyway they want. That is part of the fun.

Here are the categories:


READER'S DIGEST      (March/April)


HAPPY HOUR      (July/Aug)

BETTY CROCKER      (Sept/Oct)




Directions and maps to the reunion are available on the website:



You can contact me:
by Mail:
   Lloyd Foss Jr
   1344 Hollyberry Lane
   West Chester PA 19380 by Phone:
   610 719 1844
by email:
Business Meeting

There will be a business meeting. A 'State of the Schroeders' address will be given by a member of each of the nine Schroeder delegations. Election of officers will take place. The following offices are up for election:

Newsletter Editor
Food Committee Chairman
Entertainment Committee Chairman

Schroeder Shorts

Nancy Sheck (Jack's Daughter) was in London, England September 11th She says the people over there were very nice and it was really touching how people would stop you and say how sorry they were that this had happened.

She learned to knit last summer and is busy making hats, scarves and stuff like that. Her first love has been crocheting and she has entered an afghan to be judged in the county fair.

She has been taking her Golden Retriever out on the dog show circuit. Nugget has four 2nd place ribbons so far.

Bob Sheck (Jack's daughter Nancy's husband built an agility course for the local dog training center

Chris Schroeder (Bill's daughter) has a new email address:


Scott Sheck (Jack's daughter Nancy's son) is doing well down in Fayetteville teaching small arms to future Green Berets.

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Page 3 June 23, 2002
Schroeder Shorts

Nancy Sheck (Jack's daughter) is busy with a knitting group at a local church. They make caps for babies, lap robes for veterans in nursing homes, and blankets for the pregnancy center.

She is also going to the John Campbell Folk School in North Carolina to take a class on Mountain Homespun. She will learn about shearing sheep, carding the wool, and everything else it takes to make it into yarn.

Karl Schroeder has a new address:

802 Coxswain Way #106,
Annapolis, MD
Mark Schroeder (Jack's son) has a new email address:


Jim and Stephanie Bahr (Jack's daughter Nancy's daughter) have moved to:

1516 Prospect Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322
Their new email addresses are:

Jim Bahr - jdbahr@hotmail.com
Stephanie Bahr - nsbahr@hotmail.com

Lloyd Foss Jr (Carolyn's son) sold his airplane after 14 months on the market in November. He has also decided to stop flying for insurance purposes after 24 years of enjoying the wild blue yonder.

Bridgit Foss (Carolyn's son Lloyd's daughter) celebrated her first birthday June 6, had a party on the June 8'th with family and started walking this past week.

Rumor has it there will be a Schroeder wedding in July but is has not been confirmed.

Ask Katie (Advice for the under 5 Set)

Dear Katie,
      I have monster problems. I move around a lot from toy room to toy room but this monster is following me. First he growls right behind me. I look but he is not there. Then he gets mad and becomes real stinky. He is behind me a lot. I think my mommy is scared of him too cause she puts me in another room. But she can see him cause she always yells his name which is 'Phew!'. Also he is short because he never follows mommy and me to the new pants table. But it is time to get rid of this stinky smelly guy. I can't out run him. What should I do?

                        Much ado about Phew

Dear Ado,
      I get many monster letters (There are 101 different types) "Phew" is known by all. First get your facts right. Yeah, he is short and smelly and noisy and fast but mommies are not scared of them. The new pants table is magic and gets rid of "Phew" and mommy knows this is so. What you do when "Phew" starts scaring you is stick real close to the mommy. Follow her from room to room and stay close. This somehow makes the mommy put you on the magic table. Don't worry, remember "Phew" is short. So as you get to be a big kid then he goes away forever. Good Luck.

Ooh I see something that I can reach and I do not know what it is but I am going to try to eat it!

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