VOL XXVIII Number 1 September 22, 2000
The Schroeder Reunion Newsletter
All the stuff we could dig up!
The Schroeder 2001 reunion will be held August 11, 2001 at Oxford Lake, New Jersey

Everyone had a good time at this years reunion. The treasurer reported 66 people in attendance. Thanks to: Carolyn and Lloyd Foss for setting up the meal table. Virginia Sutton for the 'Guess the weight of the zucchini' contest. Chris Schroeder (Bill's daughter) for the register book, Joan Bamford for the bubble gum contest. Andy Foss (Carolyn's son) for the piñata. Caroline Smith (Carolyn's daughter) for the relationship bee, Karl Schroeder for the photo albums, Tom and Nancy Schroeder for the auction. Pat Lou Schroeder (Bill's daughter) for volleyball.

General Meeting

A general meeting was held. It was agreed to hold next year's reunion at Oxford Lake. Unfortunately the only date available was August 11 2001. The following officers were elected:
Newsletter Editor: Lloyd Foss, Jr
  (Carolyn's son)
Treasurer: Caroline Smith
  (Carolyn's daughter)
Reunion Coordinator: Kim Schroeder
  (Karl's daughter)
Mary Scheel
  (Joan's daughter)

Treasurers Report

The following is an estimate. The treasurer does not have all the receipts yet.
Opening Balance:    $267
Admission:    $215
Auction:    $96
50-50    $63
Total Income:    $374
Pavilion & Swimming    $115
Food    $200
Other (Piñata, 50-50 tickets ...)    $30
Total Expenses    $345
Closing Balance:    $305

You can contact me:
by Mail:
  Lloyd Foss Jr
  1344 Hollyberry Lane
  West Chester PA 19380
by Phone:
  610 719 1844
by email:
  lfoss@myxa.com    lfoss@lfoss.com

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Page 2 September 22, 2000

Newsletter Schedule

Hopefully the newsletter will be published on the following schedule:

September 2000 Reunion Recap
November 2000 Fall Edition
January 2001 Winter Edition
March 2001 Spring Edition
June 2001 Summer Edition
July/August 2001 Reunion Reminder

Food Committee

The food committee reports that there was enough food for everyone at the reunion so the initial estimates were pretty good. 1 lb meat / 1 lb cheese for every 5 people. The only real excess were condiments. What do you do with a 1/2 gallon of miracle whip? There are platters / plates and napkins in storage for next year.

Reunion Schedule

Its too early to think about a schedule for next year!

Joan and Burns Bamford40th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! A 40th wedding anniversary party was held by their offspring after the reunion at the Independence Club in Easton,Pa. Friends and family attended it. Everyone had a good time.

Schroeder Reunion Website

The Schroeder Reunion Website is moving to a new home at:


The webmaster is in the process of updating the site. More photos, the long awaited photo captioning form, search engine and better family tree. Unfortunately the schroeder.org domain name is still not available (neither was foss.com which is why it is lfoss.com).

Entertainment Committee

The entertainment committee met after the reunion. They are considering making the theme of next year's reunion a carnival and replacing the auction with carnival games (ring toss, dart gallery, prize wheel etc). One idea was to make each family of the original nine responsible for a game or provide the prizes for each game.

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Page 3 September 22, 2000

Schroeder Movie Project

The 11 minute 'cut 2' version was previewed at the reunion and Joan and Burn's anniversary party. Thanks to Lloyd and Carolyn Foss for supplying the 8mm movie footage. Copies were requested and as soon as they are available they will be sent out (Hopefully in time for Christmas). The first movie has been redigitized in better focus but has not been put into the working copy yet. The transfer system purchased at the reunion auction should help with the next 6 reels.

Schroeder Shorts

Richard Schroeder (Karl's son) and Kelly Bainbridge have bought a new home in lovely downtown Snyder, NY, right across the street from Amy's high school and a block down from Adam's middle school. Everyone and anyone are welcome anytime for drinks, dinner, talk, music, and overnight visits.

Kelly Bainbridge and Richard Schroeder
39 Berryman Drive
Snyder, NY 14226

Karl and Jean Schroeder vacationed in august. Helped Richard (their son) move into his new house. Visited Ed Elias in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Alexander Scheel (Joan's daughter Mary's son) will be two years old on Saturday, September 16th. Happy birthday Alex! His parents, Mary Bamford Scheel and Michael Scheel, are having a family birthday party for him at their new home near Northampton, PA.

Jill Bamford (Joan's daughter) is currently working as a "Character Manager" in Toontown at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. She reports that her job is "just great."

The whole Bamford Family spent a week at the RI shore near Westerly, RI. in August. All together there were twentyone people staying in four different houses. There was beautiful weather that week, and they did a lot of swimming in the ocean. They were also joined by Pegge (Ed's daughter) and Jack Wieghorst and Ed and Phyllis Schroeder also joined us.

Next year the Bamford family will be traveling to Disney World for a week from August 11th to August 18th. They vote for holding the Schroeder family Reunion there!

Joan Bamford and Mary Schroeder will be going to two elderhostels in October and November. One is to Philadelphia to visit the Barnes Foundation. The other one is in Laurel, MD where they are supposed to learn how to make a good computer out of old parts. After the week is completed, they will be allowed to take a computer home to donate it to a needy organization. Tom Schroeder donated a set of screwdrivers for their use in their endeavors.

Alyson Cohen (Joan's daughter Kathy's daughter) started kindergarten this year. She is attending Forks School in Easton.

Katelyn Cohen (Joan's daughter Kathy's daughter) might be dancing at Disney World next June.

Edward and William Fritts (Joan's daughter Heidi's sons) are attending Mercy Special Learning Center in Allentown several days a week. Heidi is the principal there.

Kathy Bamford Cohen (Joan's daughter) is the Supervisor of the Adult Day Care Center which is located at the Career Institute of Technology in Easton. She says that the program is so successful that they now have a waiting list of clients.

Charlie (Carolyn's son) and Lisa Foss have purchased a boat. It is berthed at Tom's River NJ. They have been spending most weekends this past summer cruising the bays of New Jersey. In August they motored to New York Harbor and spend the night docked on the Hudson river.

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Page 4 September 22, 2000
Ask Katie (Advice for the under 5 Set)

Dear Katie,
  Some days ago we got another baby. My grownups picked it up at the hospital. Now the mommy grownup is reading a book on d-e-v-e-l-o-p-m-e-n-t. She says to make sure he is OK. What does this mean?
    Spellcheck stuped

Dear Spell,
  Development means growth. The book tells you what to expect. The real question is what does this mean to you. This is what to expect:

At just born they'll
   ... hog all the attention.
At one month they'll
   ... keep you awake by crying
At three months they'll
   ... throw up on your nice shirt
At six months they'll
   ... finally notice you
At nine months they'll
   ... try to play with your toys
At twelve months they'll
   ... use you as a pole while they try to walk
At fifteen months they'll
   ... show first signs of disobeying you (they say NO alot)
At eighteen months they'll
   ... play with your good toys (yes it's true!)
At twenty-four months they'll
   . become totally out of control
At twenty-seven months they'll
   ... figure out what "Stop or I'll hit you" truly means
At thirty months they'll
   ... finally learn that you are the boss and will always be bigger

  Hang in there. It will be a long time. Remember since they quickly become too big to hide in a drawer its best to learn to like them. You can hide your best toys, but no worry they grow on you.

  Ooh I see something that I can reach and I do not know what it is but I am going to try to eat it!




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