VOL XXVIII Number 3 July 23, 2001
The Schroeder Reunion Newsletter
All the stuff we could dig up!
The Schroeder 2001 reunion will be held August 11, 2001 at Oxford Lake, New Jersey


Admission will be the same as last year. $5.00 per adult and $2.00 per child
Treasurers Report

Opening Balance   267.00
  Space Rental 115.00
  Food 300.00
Subtotal   415.00
  Attendance 235.00
  Auction 97.00
  50/50 63.00
Subtotal   395.00
Total   247.00
Food Committee Report

Hamburgers / Hotdogs / Salad / Chips

Everyone needs to bring there own beverages.

We need volunteers to man the grill.

Please bring a dessert for the desert table.

Entertainment Comittee Report

There will be a bubble gum blowing contest for both children and adults.

There will be a piñata. Volunteers will be needed to help.

Instead of the auction the entertainment committee has decided on the 'Tricky Tray'.

There will be seven 'baskets' or raffle prizes.

Everyone should bring something for the basket which corresponds with the month you were born. For example someone born in November should bring something for the "Holiday Helpers" basket. Everyone is encouraged to bring things for the other baskets as well if they have things that fit the category and were planning on getting rid of it anyway.
Also there will be a seventh basket for Schroeder Bric a Brac that everyone is asked to bring for. People can interpret the baskets anyway they want. That is part of the fun.

Here are the categories


READER'S DIGEST        (March/April)

BETTER HOMES & GARDEN        (May/June)

HAPPY HOUR        (July/Aug)

BETTY CROCKER        (Sept/Oct)

HOLIDAY HELPER'S        (Nov/Dec)

SCHROEDER BRIC A BRAC        (Everyone)

Newsletter Schedule

Hopefully the newsletter will be published on the following schedule

August 2001 Reunion Wrap-up
Fall Edition - Early December
Winter Edition - Late January
Spring Edition - April.

Directions and maps to the reunion are available on the website:



You can contact me:
by Mail:
   Lloyd Foss Jr
   1344 Hollyberry Lane
   West Chester PA 19380 by Phone:
   610 719 1844
by email:
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Page 2 July 23, 2001
Schroeder Shorts

Babies, Babies, Babies

Stephanie (Jack's daughter Nancy's daughter) and Jim Bahr had a daughter, Katelyn Elizabeth Bahr, Nov 30, 2000. (Editor: Where have I heard that name before? No Katie, don't touch the keyboard!) Congratulations Stephanie and Jim!!

Maura and Lloyd Foss (Carolyn's son) had a daughter Bridgit Erin Mary Theresa Foss, June 6, 2001 (Maura wanted 3 names but Bridgit Erin Mary just didn't sound right!

Richard (Geezer dad) Schroeder (Karl's son) and Kelly Bainbridge had a daughter, Abby Ingrid Schroeder, June 30, 2001. Congratulations Richard and Kelly!!

Graduates, Graduates, Graduates, Graduate
Beth Ann Flaherty (Virginia's daughter Betsie's daughter) graduated high school. Congratulations Beth Ann!!!

Ashley Schroeder (Jack's son Mark's daughter) graduated high school. She is presently helping her cousin Stephanie Bahr in Texas. Congratulations Ashley!!!

Lauren Schroeder (Bill's son Mike's daughter) graduated high school. Congratulations Lauren!!!

Corey Unangst (Carolyn' daughter Mary Lou's daughter) graduated high school. Congratulations Corey.

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Page 3 July 23, 2001
Special Report from Nancy Sheck

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Schroeder Reunion
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 15:36:44 -0400
From: Nancy Sheck <nsheck@skantech.net>
To: lfoss@myxa.com

Due to the fact that we have not had a newsletter for so long the John L. Schroeder Sr. delegation took it upon themselves to have their own FIRST family reunion on June 9th, 2001. (Some really wondered if we counted anymore!!!

Present were: Nancy Sheck, Robert Sheck, Stephanie Bahr, Katelyn Bahr, Scott Sheck, John Schroeder Jr, his girlfriend, Debbie More, Mark Schroeder, Ashley Schroeder, Drew Schroeder, Drake Schroeder, Rachel Kern, Debbie Allen, Roseann Allen, and John DuMont. A guest appearance was made by Lois Schroeder and her mother Deana Botkins

Also visiting for the day were Tom Schroeder and his wife Nancy from Virginia

We have no excuses --- because we didn't need any!!!!

Treasurer's Report -- food was paid for with donations and also money from the auction. Everyone said we came out even --so that it what it was!!!

Planning committee - we haven't decided if we will meet every year or not. That is still being planned.

Food committee -- Stephanie Bahr was in charge of food and did an EXCELLENT JOB!!!!! We had burgers, hot dogs, HOT FRESH CRABS, homemade potatoe salad, brownies, and a cake saying "Together Again" plus a vegetable tray done by John DuMont and various chips and dips.

Entertainment committee- Mark's pool and hot tub were made available and everyone had fun. Katelyn even took a turn in the pool with her new floating seat that looks like a car!!!

Nancy, Debbie Allen, Rachel Kern and Debbie More visiting a nearby consignment shop (a favorite pastime of JLS Sr.). Debbie More got a couch for $81 and Nancy purchased a quilt rack for $30.

Schroeder Shorts -- (we only publish good news!!!)

Katelyn Bahr was born 11/30/00 in Corpus Christi., TX by C section. Her father is nervous but quickly recovered. We do have a video of Katelyn in the nursery and her hospital stay plus her first days home done by Grandpa Robert Sheck. Stephanie has edited this tape down to a viewable 20 mins.

Stephanie Bahr had her gall bladder out in February. Her mother, Nancy, came down to help with Katelyn while she recovered. (Ed. This is good news?)

Jim Bahr is out to sea on the USS Inchon for six months. Stephanie and Katelyn will meet him in Hawaii in early August.

Scott Sheck will be trying out for the Golden Knights Army parachute team in September.

Nancy & Bob celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary at Niagara Falls. Video was taken of the ice from Lake Erie going over the falls. (April 17th is a good date for seeing this).

Ashley Schroeder is graduating from Bayside High School on June 14th, 2001. She hopes to go to Texas to help Stephanie with Katelyn and get a job for the summer.

Auction- certain items of late John L. Schroeder Sr. were auctioned to the highest bidder. All items stayed within the extended family. (Mark was trying to clean out a bit of his garage but Bob Sheck gave him more stuff!!!)

Pictures were taken by Lois Schroeder and are still being developed.

Kindly submitted,

Nancy Lee Schroeder Sheck

Page 4 July 23, 2001

1978 Cessna 172 Syhawk for sale. 2865 TT 1280 FREMAN , 2-KX170B KX86, KX76, Average P&I. If you know what this means and are interested contact the editor.

Ask Katie (Advice for the under 5 Set)

Dear Katie,
      My Mommy and Daddy just bought a new car - a "2001 model". They love it. We also have a new baby. They call her the "2001 model". They love her. I heard them say they are going to wash and clean the old car for a "trade in". Now just before night-night time they said I need a bath. Should I be worried?             Signed,
                        Low Mileage
Dear Mile,
      No worries. I know that your grown ups are (here's a new word) "capitalists". That means they want two of everything. They need you to help potty train the new kid (Say after me "marketable skill"). She doesn't have cool electric controls like the car. So it's OK to love her. Your grown ups love you both.

Ooh I see something that I can reach and I do not know what it is but I am going to try to eat it!

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