Schroeder Poetry

There once was a family of nine
Called the Schroeder's (or Shrader's sometime)
     They have a reunion each year
     With food, games, and beer
And have one hell of a Good time.

PapPap had Virginia to start
And then Bill, that cranky sweetheart
     Next comes Jack on their heel
     He's the lawyer - BIG DEAL
And Ed with his woodworking art.

Believe it or not there are more
Next comes Mary whom we all adore
     Then Karl and his martini,
     His jokes and his "Jeannie"
His movies are OH, such a bore!

Caroline's next with her handiwork skill
And Tom, "THE KISSER" if you will
     He puckers to flirt
     Anyone in a skirt
They thought that was it - until -

Joan, the last of the nine
Always has a jolly good time
     They grew up together
     Like birds of a feather
Learning to hoard every dime.

And now we come to those cousins
Of whom there are dozens and dozens
     To write about each
     Would be a beach
They multiply like bees who are buzzin

There's one outlaw we can not exclude
His name is Burns and he's terribly rude
     He ignores you completely
     Yet he's really a sweetie.
Come on Burns, you love this whole crew.

To conclude let us leave you one thought
Bill's and Anna's efforts have not been for naught
     We've got a great family
     As happy as can be
Just look at what they've begot!

      August 9, 1986

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