Schroeder Poetry

Uncle Bill
Up at five
Busy at work
Nap at eleven
Oh, what heaven!
65 and wiser still
Is our favorite Uncle Bill
To the horses
He will run
Putting in his life
some everyday fun
Some everyday fun
Visits the dumps
And dumpsters by stores
The garbage cans near
All that he enjoys
Stops at flea markets
A bargain he seeks
A grinder, a Kenmore
Or a pot that leaks
"I can fix it" he states
With a grin on his face
"Sell it for more
At the same old place"
As happy as can be
Comes home a winner
Just in time
For the Bamford's dinner
All the kids
He taunts and teases
Does just as he
Damn well pleases
Back at six
And ready for bed
Looking forward
To the days ahead
A little trip
Perhaps with Chris
A jaunt to California
Easton, he won't miss
Mike and Wendy's baby
Wheter a girl or a boy
Will bring him
Lots of new-found joy
Graduation soon
For JR, his son
No more lawyer fees
Won't that be fun!
Loving and caring
Pat will always be
When she finishes remodeling
He'll think it heavenly.
We wish you the best
Even though you tease us still
Whether 65 or 80
We'll love you, Uncle Bill!


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