Schroeder Poetry

This is a poem about me, Kim Marie,

To show you I am witty?

When I write this ditty!


In a raffle I won 250

And what I did was really nifty.

I bought a sun roof for my car

So people would think "There goes a star!"

But alas, you can't do much for a brunette

Riding in only a Chevette.


So I thought there is still hope

for a person who's really a dope

I entered Miss Chesapeake Beauty Contest.

But, too bad, I was not the best,

Because my legs are shaped like bows

And I never did have much pose.


And now I must convey

Something ya'll will say

It's the dumbest thing she ever did

Since she was just a kid!

I went for a ride on a horse

And I fell off, of course,

My chin and hip sure hurt

When I fell and hit the dirt!


I'm very lucky

I wasn't in the derby in Kentucky


Now I am on vacation

enjoying the sensation

of having the sun's rays

for 8 glorious days.


I had a lot of fun

writing this pun

I know it's queer

But do not fear

It will not start a trend

For this is the end.


        Kim Schroeder


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