Vol. VI No.1
Chairman:     Burns Bamford

Treasurer:     Mary M. Schroeder

Secretary:     John L. Schroeder

     The Chairman has informed the Executive Committee that Camp Hugh Beaver will be available for SCHROEDER Reunion VI on Saturday, August 4th, 1979.

     The Stewartsville & Delaware Heights delegates attended a Committee meeting in Kensington, Md. in late February, 1979.

     The Dunnsville delegation de-hibernated with the Secretary & Spouse in Narch 1979.

     On May 2nd, the Annapolis delegate viited your secretary, who was recovering from rectal surgery

     The Morgan's fill delegate escorted the secretary & Spouse to various yard sales in Montgomery County, Maryland on May 5, 1979.

     The Shimer Manor delegates will hold a sub-committee meeting at the Windbreaker in Ocean City, Maryland on May 19th & 20th.

     The Chesapeake delegation will assist the secretary's granddaughter's birthday on June 3rd in Ocean City Md.

     The Hatboro delegates are expected to play the Ocean City Golf Course on June 9th & 10th as practice for the Annual Golf Tournament at Fernwood in the Poconos.

     Other Committee Meetings will be spontaneously arranged over the next few weeks so that the complete program will reviewed.

     Mark your calendar for Aug. 4th: Save enough gas to get get there:

  Respectfully submitted,
  Jack L. Schroeder signature

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