April ,1978

Vol. V, No. 1

Chairman:      Burns Bamford

Treasurer:     Mary M. Schroeder

Secretary:     John L. Schroeder

    The Chairman has informed the executive Committee that Camp Hugh Beaver will he available for Schroeder Reunion V on August 5, 1978.

    Various SubCommittees will be meeting at the ~Windbreaker in Ocean City, Maryland from May 21st to June 17th.

    The various Chairpersons of the SubCommittees are requested to advise the Secretary of their availabilities!

    The Chesapeake delegation has offered the followinq Resolutions for consideration by the members of the Schroeder Clan.

    WHEREAS, from time to time, if certain memhers of the Schroeder Clan are unable to attend a particular reunion, it is respectfully resolved that:

A photo album of said clan he kept by the archivist. This would assure that all memhers of the said clan really belong to that auqust body and would note a progress in growth, good looks, additional members and so forth, and, that every family in the clan would update their pictures every year by school pictures, very recent wedding photos, birth photos, and so forth, and,

That if certain family members do not supply photos to the archivist in charge of said photo album, the archivist will spend time in residence of said memher to secure all needed photos, and, that because of the importance of said photo album of the Schroeder Clan, this book would he made available to all Clan functions and reunions.

   Various SubCommittees met with the Secretary, while attending Redskin games, but no useful purpose was served.

    Please mark your calendars for August 5th.

  Respectfully submitted,
  Jack L. Schroeder signature

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