August 15, 1976 VOL. III No. 3


    The Executive Committee, after due notice, met and decided that:

    I. The golf tournament will be held on the regular course, rather than the par-3 course at Fernwood, so that your Secretary and Mr. Cook have a fair chance to hunt for lost golf balls. Tee-off - 8:30 a.m. Outlaws must verify handicaps.

    II. The Cookie Baking Contest has been canceled because of protests about the head of the Dunnsville delegation joining the professional ranks of the cookie bakers. It was suggested that all former participants may still submit entries to the clan but that no prizes will be awarded. Tastycakes may not be brought to the camp under any circumstances.

    III. The wine and cheese tasting contest was vetoed by the Chairman because of the submission of too low quality wines and soft cheeses by last year's participants. The Chairman suggested that each consumer of alcohol provide his or her own favorite beverage disguised as lemonade, iced tea or a soft drink. No Coca Colas are to be consumed before 12:00 noon.

    IV. Because of the lack of "Nooners", the head of the Annapolis delegation has switched jobs and will now be able to go home at lunch time from PAROLE, MD.

    V. All delegations supporting Carter for President will be expected to supply the peanuts for the peanut scramble.

    VI. All delegations supporting Ford for President must take SMILING EXERCISES under supervision of the Chairman.

    VII. The swimming contest will commence at 3:00 p.m. and will be scheduled to include the following events and prizes:

  (a) 10-20 year olds-around the lake $    .75
  (b) 20-30 year olds-Dock to Dam $   1.00
  (c) 30-40 year olds-Dock to Dam & Back $   1.50
  (d) 40-50 year olds-50 yards $   2.00
  (e) 50-60 year olds-25 yards $   2.50
  (f) 60-75 year olds-15 yards $ 100.00
  (g) 75-90 year olds-10 yards 1 lb.  Fudge

    VIII. The marble shooting, top spinning and kite flying contests will be conducted under the Chairman's supervision at times to be designated by him.

    IX. The clam shucking contest will be conducted by the outlaws of the Stewartsville & Delaware Heights delegations under the rules to be jointly formulated by them.

    X. The Salad Making Jamboree, will take place immediately prior to the evening Banquet. Mr. Cook has graciously agreed to supervise and has requested the following specimens* of homegrown products from the delegations indicated:

Morgan's Hill----------- Tomatoes

Dunnsville-------------- Cucumbers

Stewartsville----------- Onions

Shimer Manor------------ Oil Dressing

Delaware Heights-------- Lettuce (Head or Garden)

Kensington-------------- Wine Vinegar

Annapolis--------------- Miscellaneous Condiments

Lehigh Street----------- Red Cabbage

    *Delegations may exchange assignments without permission of the Chairman.

    XI. The Annapolis & Dunnsville delegations have been disqualified from the Home Movies Contest because of their joint violations during last year's contest in showing films of outlaw's relatives in severely compromising positions. The Chairman suggested that the contest could be UPGRADED by using the slide projector of the Lehigh Street delegation and the sound tracts from the Morgan's Hill delegation's REPERTOIRE.

    XII. The Outlaws meeting must be completed before 8:00 a.m., because the filibuster during Reunion II obstructed the commencement of the Ice Cream Churning Contest and the assignment of invitations to the Redskins Games.

  Respectfully submitted,
  Jack L. Schroeder signature

August 2, 1976

Chairman : Burns Bamford

Treasurer: Mary M. Schroeder

Secretary: John L. Schroeder

N.B. The Treasurer and the Chairman's spouse must be informed as to the number of delegates in each delegation and the expected time of arrival at Camp Hugh Beaver so that adequate lunches may be prepared and sufficient sleeping arrangements made for SQUATTERS!

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