VOL.  III, No.  2



The Executive Committee has received reports that:

    1. The head of the Annapolis delegation is now participating in enlarging the "cost overruns" on the building of U.S. Naval vessels by Litton Industries at Pascagoula, Mississippi. It is rumored that these activities may prevent his attendance at Reunion III.

    2. Blue Fish with Kepone Stuffing (or Dressing) is now the Specialty of the House at the Dunnsville delegation's dining room. They have been directed to bring enough for the Chairman, only, at Reunion III.

    3. Your Secretary and his older brother supervised the Fireworks Crew in displaying $1,000,000.00 worth of fireworks as part of your country's BiCentennial Celebration on July 4, 1976 at the Washington, D.C. Monument Grounds. Your Secretary's wife and his older brother's youngest son (with date) viewed the same fireworks from a much safer distance aboard a yacht floating next to a pier in the Washington, D.C. Harbor.

    4. The invitation to the Stewartsville delegation to send delegates to D.C. for the first Redskin game will be withdrawn, if the delegation fails in its responsibility to provide the clams for the clams casino to be served at Reunion III.

    5. Long Distance Travelitis will prevent the San Angelo, Texas delegation from sending representatives to Reunion III, but the delegation expects to be transferred to Norfolk, Virginia by the U.S. Navy in the Fall of 1976, making their chances better for Reunion IV.

    6. The youngest member of the Annapolis delegation opted to supervise the Chairman's children at Camp Hugh Beaver rather than play her flute in the Annapolis July 4th BiCentennial Celebration and will remain at Camp Hugh Beaver until Reunion III.

    7. The Chairman's spouse reports that the Chairman is doing daily SMILING EXERCISES in anticipation of Reunion III on August 14th, 1976.

July 20, 1976 Jack L. Schroeder signature

Chairman : Burns Bamford
Treasurer: Mary M. Schroeder
Secretary: John L. Schroeder

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