First Meeting Executive Committee

January 9, 1976

    The Executive Committee and the Permanent Chairman conferred recently and the following items were resolved:

    1. The 1976 Schroeder Reunion will be scheduled to coincide with Family Camp at Camp Hugh Beaver, probably in mid-August.

    2. The "Outlaw" poetry of 1975 be published, and, it is hereby so done:

We thank you Schroeder
Clan we do
For letting us marry you!
We really think you're the
greatest bunch
But lately we've been getting
a hunch
That the outlaws really
deserve the thanks
For marrying all you
Schroeder cranks!

    3. In spite of the Headlines published in September, your secretary failed to win the "Southern Open" and his wife did not reject the "Congressional Open."

    4. The Secretary and his wife have moved again and their present address is temporarily as follows:

9915 Hillridge Drive
Kensington, Maryland
Phone: 301-949-2880

    5. The Puerto Rico delegation will be moving to San Angelo, Texas in the Spring of 1976.

    6. The Annapolis, Morgan's Hill, Dunnsville, Lincoln Street and Delaware Heights delegations have all completed viewing of various live Redskin Games during 1975. The Stewartsville delegation will attend the first 1976 Redskin home game.

    7. The Morgan's Hill and Columbia, Maryland Delegations traveled to Laurel, Maryland to view the Washington, D.C. International Horse Race and managed to drop several bundles on Snow Knight.

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January 9, 1976 page 2

Schroeder Leads Souther Open Article     8. The Virginia delegation has acquired a Power Boat and will make same available for appropriate "Blue Fishing" expeditions by Clan Members (by specific invitation).

    9. Delegations with wandering offspring residing away from the principal residence are expected to inform their children of Schroeder Reunion "specifics" or furnish the Secretary with appropriate addresses of said "wanderers".

    10. All members of the Clan are grateful for the complete recovery of "Mr. Cook's" Health, after a recent hernia operation.

Respectfully submitted,
Jack L. Schroeder signature
Schroeder Leads Souther Open Article Schroeder Leads Souther Open Article

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