The Executive Committee has received the following items for its agenda:
     1. The "ad hoc" committee decision to hold the 1976 Schroeder Reunion at the ALL-IN cottage at Carpentersville, New Jersey was vetoed by the Chairman and his spouse and the matter was referred to the Executive Committee for reconsideration.
2. The Chairman's spouse reported that he cannot "smile" upon the arrival of each individual member's family because of the many "problems and camp decisions" pending throughout the day. She requests that all those greeted with a scowl should consider the fact that the Chairman also has obligations and duties running the Camp as well as the Schroeder Reunion.
     3. The Chairman and his spouse suggested the 1976 Schroeder Reunion be held on Saturday, July 3rd at Camp Hugh Beaver. The Annapolis and Virginia delegations endorsed the suggestion.
     4. Subsequently, the Annapolis delegation asked that its endorsement of the July 3rd date be withdrawn because the youngest member of the delegation will be playing her flute in the Annapolis Bi-Centennial Celebration on the 4th of July weekend and the remainder of the delegation must give her their support.
     5. The Morgan's Hill delegation reported that it planned to visit Montgomery County, Maryland, on July 4, 1976 for the viewing of Washington, D.C.'s $1,000,000.00 fireworks display.
      6. The Secretary was instructed by the Virginia delegation to request the Chairman to reconsider the date for the 1976 Reunion and consider the Saturday immediately before "Family Camp" (or on the Saturday between Family Camp if it last 2 weeks) so that visiting delegations could participate in a few days of Family Camp as part of their vacation.

  Respectfully submitted,
  Jack L. Schroeder signature

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