MINUTES- Final Meeting

The Executive Committee, after due notice, met and decided that:

I. The rules for the swimming contest were amended as follows:
  (a) 25 yds for 60-75 yrs old $100.00
  (b) 25 yds for 50-60 yr olds 1.00
  (c) 400 yds for 40-50 yr-olds 1.00
  (d) Dock to staff house & back for 30-40yrs 1.00
  (e) Dock to dam & back 20-30 yr olds 1.00
  (f) Around the circumference of lake lO-20yrs 50¢
  (g) 25 yd FLOAT (without tube) for 75-95 yrs *
  *(ehoice of Goldwater-Miller or Nixon/Agnew button)  

II. The KITE-FLYING contest will commence at 2;00P.M.

(a) The WILLIAM D. SCHROEDER MEMORIAL TROPHY will be awaraed for the most beautiful "home-made" kite that flys 2000 yds. and is returned.
(b) Kites that "dip" 5 continuous loops are disqualified.
(c) Kites with broken sticks will be burned.
(d) Members may not used mechanical winders.
(e) No "split-tails" shall ride on box kites.
(f) Outlaws, without tails, are ineligible.

III. Travelers drom Dunnsville, Columbia, Annapolis or Rock Creek Hills, arriving with "Speeding Tiekets" will not be allowed to explain that they didn't know there was a special enforcement order in effect in Maryland.

IV. Outlaws who have been travelling in CAMPERS West of the Mississippi, north of Pennsylvania or South of the Mason-Dixon Line, during the past 30 days, shall confine their monologues to the OUTLWS MEETING.

Dated: July 25, 1975 Respectfully submitted,
      Jack L. Schroeder signature

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