VOL XXIX Number 1 November 5, 2001
The Schroeder Reunion Newsletter
All the stuff we could dig up!
The Schroeder 2002 reunion will be held August 17, 2002 at Oxford Lake, New Jersey

Reunion Report

What a great reunion! To all those that missed it the 2001 reunion was one of the best reunions ever. It was rainy and the lake was closed so there was no swimming there was but the pavilion was warm and dry. Lot's of time to talk and being forced under the pavilion made it very cozy. We had hot food thanks to Kim Kavenaugh , Karen Zentgraf( Karl's daughters, and John Zentgraf. It was really good on a not too warm day. Kelsey Schroeder (Bill's son Jr's daughter) ran the 50-50. Lots of help from little ones in picking winners. Mathhew and Sam Smith (Carolyn's daughter Caroline's sons) were big winners. Thanks to Caroline Smith and Mary Lou Unangst (Carolyn's daughters) for the 'tricky trays'. Rachel Dumont (Jack's wife Pat's daughter) won two trays, Matthew Smith, Corey Unangst (Carolyn's daughter Mary Lou's daughter), Carolyn Foss, and Bill Schroeder were some of the winners. Casey Unangst (Carolyn's daughter Mary Lou's daughter) ran the bubble gum contest. This seems to be a favorite event and this year even had a photo finish. After a few false starts the editor did manage to operate a piņata. Thanks to Karl for the family scrapbooks and photo albums. And thanks JR for auctioning off the leftover food. And thanks to all those who brought desserts and items for the trading table.
Treasurers Report

Opening Balance   247.00
  Pavilion 100.00
  Food 147.00
  Prizes 40.00
Subtotal   287.00
  Attendance 159.00
  Tricky Tray 80.00
  50/50 50.00
  Extra Food 31.00
Subtotal   320.00
Total   280.00
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Page 2 November 5, 2001
Schroeder Shorts

Babies, Babies, Babies

These two new arrivals met for the first time at the reunion.

Bamford News

The Bamfords invaded Disney the week of August 12th. Staying in the new Bamford condo and at the resort itself.

Jill (Joan's daughter) gave the Bamford grandchildren a special tour to greet the characters, take pictures, and get autographs at Toontown in the Magic Kingdom where she works. Each grandchild had a favorite character - Alex (Mary's son) liked Tigger (Pooh's friend the tiger)' William (Heidi's son) liked Pooh (The honey lovin' bear), Edward's (Heidi's son) favorite was Max (the dog ?), Alyson (Kathy's daughter) just loved Ariel (the little mermaid), and Katelyn (Kathy's daughter) liked Belle (Beauty from Beauty and the Beast). Of course, everyone enjoyed seeing Mickey (the mouse in charge).

Jill (Joan's daughter) has been working at Disney for five years.

Heidi Fritts was just appointed the Principal of Easton Catholic Elementary School which is comprised of the parishes of Saint Joseph's (where all of the Schroeder's attended), St.Bernard's, and St. Anthony's. Her older son, Edward, will start kindergarten tomorrow at St. Jane's in Wilson Borough. William, the younger boy will be staying at Home with his Dad during the day.

Mary Ann is expecting her second child in the beginning of November. She is still working at Good Shepherd in Allentown as a recreation therapist.

Kathy is still working at the adult day care center at CIT in Easton. Katelyn starts fourth grade, and Alyson starts first grade. Both girls are dancers, and Katelyn danced at Disney World in June with her dance group.

Alyson had her tonsils out last week and is recuperating nicely.

Birthday Surprise

Lloyd Foss (Carolyn's husband) celebrated his 76th birthday on October 7 with a party at his home with many children and grandchildren. He found out he would be a grandfather for the fourteenth time as Lyne Foss (Carolyn's son Andy's wife) is expecting a child in April 2002.

Concert Information

Amy Schroeder (Karl's son Richard's daughter) will solo with the Amherst Symphony Orchestra in October. For a picture and program information:http://www.amherst.ny.us/News/Symphony/Schedule.htm

News from the Sheck's

Nancy Sheck (Jack's daughter) has been busy this summer learning to knit making hats, scarves and other stuff. She has entered an afghan she crocheted to be judged in the county fair.

Nancy's Golden Retriever Nugget has won four 2nd place ribbons. His next show is in Virginia Beach so they can visit Mark Schroeder (Jack's son)
Page 3 November 5, 2001
In Memorial

Mike Schroeder (Bill Schroeder's son) passed away August 31 2001. Our hearts go out to Kathy, Lauren, and Patrick and Brian. The following is from the Easton Express-Times:

Michael S. Schroeder, parole officer

Michael S. Schroeder, 47, of Whitehall Township died Friday, Aug. 31, in Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington, Pa. He was a Lehigh County Adult Probation and Parole Officer in Allentown for 26 years. Born in Phillipsburg, he was a son of William D. Schroder of Easton and the late Dorothy S. Stevens. He was a member of the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Allentown. He earned a B.A. in Sociology at Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia in 1975. He was a member of ROTC while in college. He was a board member of the Keenan House in Allentown. He was an official for youth swimming at the Allentown YMCA. He and his wife, the former Kathleen I. Rioula observed their first wedding anniversary in April. In addition to his wife, he is survived by a son, Patrick of Allentown; a stepson, Brian Bacher of East Stroudsburg, two daughters, Lauren and Alexis, both of Allentown; a brother, William D. Jr. of Dresher, Pa.; and two sisters, Christine of Hatboro, Pa., and Patricia of Easton. Services will be held at 9:30 a.m. Friday in the Weber Funeral Home, 1619 Hamilton St., Allentown. Call from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday and from 9 a.m. to time of services in the funeral home. A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated 10 a.m. in the church, 18th Street, Allentown. The family requests memorials to the Dorothy and Michael Schroeder Scholarship, Fund care of Williams Township Elementary School PTA, Easton, Pa. 18042.

September 11, 2001

What can be said about unbelievable tragedy? Thousands of lives taken in the name of hate? We now live our lives in fear? We are now at war. But this is not like other wars where there is a clear enemy. We are fortunate in that I have not heard of a Schroeder being directly affected by the attacks. But we do have some Schroeders in the military and our prayers go out to them. We wish you safety and success in your missions and our support in your front line defense of the USA.
Late Breaking News

It's a girl! Mary Ann and Michael Scheel had a baby girl Wednesday October 4, 2001. Her name is Jillian Bridgette Scheel. Lots of black hair. 8 pound two ounces. Grandparents are proud. The baby evens up the Bamford grandchildren, three boys and three girls! Congratulations Mary and Mike!

The Acting Governor of the State of New Jersey, Donald T. DiFrancesco, under the authority of New Jersey Revised Statues, awarded the Distinguished Service Medal to Private First Class Lloyd E.Foss for Distinguished meritorious service in ground combat during World War II in the European-African-Middle Eastern Theater of Operations. The presentation was in Teaneck, NJ on Oct. 10, 2001.

Page 4 November 5, 2001
Ask Katie (Advice for the under 5 Set)

Dear Katie,
      I've been in the world only 3 months and things are good sleep-eat-sleep etc... but I have my first problem and I need your help. I have a big sister and I hear it is schooltime. She is going to "gym class". At class I sit in my car seat and look cute (I good at this) But there are balls bouncing and lots of big brothers and sisters flying in the air all over me. I have a new feeling I do not like "stress" What do I do?
                        Not wished to be squished
Dear Squishie,
      I have the answer. Your car seat rocks back and forth. Use your legs to get (new word coming) "momentum" and rock your way to a safe corner. After all it is a gym class - do some exercise. If this is too hard then just sit and smile and coo. The growups like to watch you do this and they are big so they will "block that kid." Flying in the air. Welcome to the world, keep writing.

Ooh I see something that I can reach and I do not know what it is but I am going to try to eat it!

Birthday List

Roxanne Schroeder 11/3/1968
Tony Allen 11/4/1979
Matthew Smith 11/4/1990
Kelsey Schroeder 11/7/1987
John Schroeder Jr. 11/15/1949
William Fritts 11/16/1997
Tom Flaherty 11/22/1986
Ed Schroeder 11/23/1921
Melissa Ackerman 11/24/1969
Caroline Smith 11/28/1961
Philip Foss 11/29/1962
Dan Kavanaugh 11/29/1962

Jennifer Davis 12/6/1968
Debbie Allen 12/7/1950
Bruce Cohen 12/10/1960
Stephen Schroeder 12/10/1985
Tara Kavanaugh 12/15/1993
Lloyd Foss Jr. 12/17/1957
Jim Fritts 12/18/1964
Lynn Schroeder 12/19/1955
Karla Kavanaugh 12/20/1991
Drake Schroeder 12/21/1991
Mark Schroeder 12/27/1956

Nicole Zentgraf 1/10/1988
Linda Wadsworth 1/13/1959
Jessica Foss 1/15/1988
Scott Sheck 1/23/74
Jean Schroeder 1/31/1930

William Smith 2/4/1993
Katherine Foss 2/4/1999
Robert Sheck 2/7/1946
Lisa Foss 2/7/1965
Anthony Richard 2/7/1991
Mike Schroeder 2/17/1954
Kathy Cohen 2/19/1962
Karen Zentgraf 2/20/1960
Jennifer Burke 2/28/1971
Katelyn Cohen 2/29/1992

Happy Thanksgiving!

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