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The 25th Schroeder reunion is still scheduled for Saturday, July 24th, 1999. It will again be held at Oxford Furnace Branch Lake in Oxford, New Jersey. Remember to mark those 1999 calendars NOW!


The first CCI dog that Nancy raised has been placed with a six-year-old girl named Lacey, who lives in Upper Manhattan, New York. Lacey and Ruhl will be featured on the TV show DATELINE NBC in January. You might see Nancy and Bob hand over the leash at graduation. It's a very emotional show, but please be sure to watch.

Congratulations to Scott and Jamie Sheck on the birth of their first baby Skyler Devon Sheck born October 22, 1998.

Virginia, Phyllis, Mary, and Joan enjoyed seeing the Nicholas and Alexandra Exhibit in Wilmington, DE and Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

Mary got in some birding at the Waterman Conservation Education Center Elderhostel near Owego, NY, west of Binghamton. one of the days was spent "orienteering" on Hiawath Island on the north branch of the Susquehanna River.

Mary visited "Wheatland", President Buchanan's home, while attending an Elderhostel week at Precious Blood Spiritual Center between Lancaster and Columbia, PA.

During the recent grand opening of Boscov's Store in the Palmer Park Male in Easton, Mary enjoyed two shows featuring Tony Martin and Anna Marie Alberghetti. Mary has no travel plans until January when she and Joan take a nine-day bus tour to Florida.

All the Foss men went on an annual hunting trip to Maine the second week of November. Unfortunately, I don't have the results of the hunt. Hey Foss men - please report back!

Lloyd Sr. celebrated his birthday in October by having a party with all of his kids and grandchildren present - all 18 of them and 7 more if you count in-laws.

Carolyn, Lisa, and Jennifer are going on a cruise in November. It's a bingo cruise around Manhattan. We get to play bingo for cash on the way there, enjoy a dinner cruise around Manhattan, and play a few more cards of bingo on the way home.

Skip just recently had orthoscopic surgery on his knee. He's out of work on disability. Get well, Skip!

Casey has been working at a nursery school in Belvidere, NJ. It's called Little Cedars and she thinks this may be her career.

Corey just finished field hockey season. As a goalie, she enjoyed playing often throughout the first half of the season. Unfortunately she became injured and didn't see much time towards the end of the season. Better luck next year, Corey!

Jennifer and Marylou attended the NJ School Board Association conference in Atlantic City in October. They stayed at the Hilton and really enjoyed the sessions, the receptions, and of course the craps table (Jennifer) and money wheel (Mary Lou).

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Lloyd and Maura have bought a new house in West Chester, PA. They plan to move in December, just a few months before the baby comes.

Caroline has been getting involved in Cub Scouts as a den mother.

Dan Smith has been keeping busy with his graphics design job.

Matthew Smith has joined cub scouts and has really enjoyed doing the projects with the other cubs. We can hardly get him out of his uniform he loves it so much!

Phil has been working at the plant nursery and has been really enjoying the time he spends fixing up his house.

Cora was recently selected at her college as a delegate to a state conference. She had a good time and met lots of new people.

Jessica, PJ, and Chris have really enjoyed spending time with their grandparents.

Charles is happily involved in his new job despite the distance he has to travel each week. The best part is that he can do a lot of the work at home, networking, computer work and sales.

Lisa has her hands full with her day care business. Her newest addition is Andy-and Lyne's. daughter, Alyssa.

Tylor, although very busy with soccer, still has time for one of his favorite past times, sending photos of himself over e-mail for a copy, just e-mail him. He'll be happy to respond.

Tylor also has been very successful in fishing in the Delaware River. .He has been catching the biggest fish ever!

Andy and Lynn have been enjoying Alyssa to the fullest. Here's to a great year! Koh-i-nor, where Lyn works is laying off lots of people, so please send Lyn lots of luck!

Scott Davis was recently recognized for organizing a-recent event at Cornell. The event and annual trustee dinner involved a formal full-service dinner for 900 people. The event, the first in Cornell's annual campaign raised over 400 million dollars for scholarships and residence life.

Jennifer is having another Camp Davis in Ithaca, NY, for all her nieces and nephews over New Years Eve (December 28th - January 2nd.) The first Camp Davis was. summer. 1997 and Tylor, Pi, Jessica, and Chris attended. We are really going to have fun!

Jennifer is taking two courses this fall. Wines, a world known course focuses on wines of the world, the history of wines, etc. Each class includes six to eight toastings! The second course is a Human Resources Certification course. Although both courses are difficult and require a lot of time, they are a lot of fun. CHEERS!!

Patrick and Linda will be moving to Hilliard, Ohio, which is near Columbus the last week in January, although Patrick is already there now. Patrick got a new job with Ohio State University in the special events department. This is a career change for Patrick. He will be organizing all the eventsfor the president of the university which will include New Years Eve party at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, and also events for the college, i.e. graduation, dinner for astronaut John Glenn, fundraiser events, etc. He has been in Columbus since November 29th.

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Jennifer Davis - 12/6/68
Debbie Allen 12/7/50
Bruce Cohen 12/10/60
Steven Schroeder - 12/10/85
Tara Kavanaugh - 12/15/93
Lloyd Foss, Jr. - 12/17/57
Jim Fritts - 12/18/64
Lynn Schroeder - 12/19/55
Karla Kavanaugh - 12/20/91
Drake Schroeder - 12/21/91
Mark Schroeder - 12/27/56

Nicole Zentgraf - 1/10/88
Linda Wadsworth - 1/13/59
Jessica Foss 1/15/88
Scott Sheck 1/23/74
Jean Schroeder - 1/31/30



Please keep sending news. Although I don't yet know my new address, the mail will get forwarded. So until I know continue sending to:

Kim Kavanaugh
1712 Potomac Road
Edgewater, MD 21037

Or send it to Dan's E-mail at


THANK YOU!!!!!!!


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December 1998


Dear Schroeder Family,

Sorry about the newsletter getting out a little late this month. It has been one of the busiest times in our lives.

After having had our house on the market for 18 months, we finally got a contract on it on December 5th. The closing date the buyer chose is January 30th. So consequently Dan and I and the girls have been house-hunting like crazy. I never knew it could be so tiring. Not to mention the fact that it's Christmas time and I'm always crazy at this time of year anyway with the holidays and Karla's and Tara's birthday. They turn seven and five this year.

So we. searched and searched, and finally we put a contract in for a house in Crofton. Maryland. We haven't heard f rom the sellers yet as to whether they'll accept our offer, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. Let me tell you, it's hard to type with your fingers crossed!

Anyway, I did the newsletter in only a day, no time for calls to get news this time. Thanks to Jennifer for all her wonderful news on the Foss family.

I'd like to wish each and every one of you a safe and blessed Christmas season, and an extremely happy New Year!!


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