Vol. 1998 No. 4 October 18, 1998


The 25th Schroeder reunion is scheduled already!!! Put it on your calendars now! We want everyfamily member to attend this largest and best ever reunion. The date for this fantastic gathering will be Saturday, July 24th, 1999. It will again be held at Oxford Furnace Branch Lake in Oxford, New Jersey. Because 25 years is such a wonderful milestone, this reunion will be catered.

My thoughts are it would be nice to have the reunion go a little longer than this year's was. So if anyone wants to arrive before the usual 12:00 noon hour, we can do that. And maybe Marylou can check to see if it's possible that we pay a little more to have the bathrooms remain open until 8:00 p.m.

Heidi volunteered to look for caterers. She'll probably start after the first of the year. Anyone wishing to have their say in the matter or just to offer her your help, give her a call.


The results of the 24th reunion are as follows: 28 children and 47 adults attended. It didn't rain.

Jessica, Christopher, and Corey won the bubble gum blowing contest for the children. Kim and Jennifer won the adult bubble gum blowing contest. Thanks go Aunt Joan for organizing that event.

Charlie and Lisa took care of the peanut scramble, thank you to them; and Karla, Katelyn, Jessica and Tyler won prizes in the peanut scramble.

Thanks also to Mary Ann for organizing several fun children's games one being a coloring contest of which Tara, Allison Zentgraf,

Jessica and Alyson Cohen won. Thanks to Betsy, Virginia, and BethAnn, who were the judges of the coloring contest.

All the children had fun pulling lollipops from the lollipop tree. Thanks to Karen for that activity.

Thanks to Stephanie, John Jr., and Mark, who brought the pinata. Jessica is the one who finally broke it.

We all once again appreciate Pegge, Jack and Melissa collecting for the 50/50 raffle. I don't remember who won, but they did collect a total of $95, $50 of which went into our operating expenses and $45 was the prize money.

Thanks also to Jack for bringing the pads of paper everybody looks forward to getting.

Thanks also to Nancy Schroeder for helping me write names for door prizes.

And let me express my deepest appreciation to Burns for doing a fabulous job on the auction. Now that we know you have so much talent, Burns, watch out! The auction took in $178.25. Thank you to everybody who brought something to be auctioned.


Starting at ground zero at the time of the reunion, we're looking pretty good now.
Admissions collected
for reunion:
50/50 raffle $50.00
Auction intake $178.25

minus expenditure -
cost of the pavilion $115.00

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The excess money in the treasury will be used for the down payment of a caterer when we hire one for next year's reunion, and will offset the cost for all who attend.



Announced at the reunion was the happy news that Lloyd, Jr., and Maura are expecting a baby some time in March. Congratulations!


Amy was appointed the third chair violin in the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra.

David was on the game show, "Win Ben Stein's Money" and he won $2,400. One of the questions he missed was, "What one day of the year do Catholics not celebrate mass?" (The answer is: Good Friday.)

Lois has her photos being shown for the first time in a gallery. Congratulations, Lois!

Mark is retiring November 23rd. He was supposed to send his retirement bio to Dan's e-mail, where is it, Mark?

Amy and Adam were both selected to sing in a local select choir called the Bel Canto Choir.

Adam enjoys playing football.

Sean made the junior olympic volleyball team for age 16 and under at the U. of Maryland.

Alyssa loves playing forward in soccer.

Trevor has orange and black braces on his teeth. (Halloween colors)

Stephen plays soccer, football, baseball, saxophone, and the piano. Way to go Stephen!

Rachel and Ralph Kern got hitched on July 17th and they had a fantastically fun reception at Globbs Park on October 17th.

On September 16th Maryann and Michael became proud parents to Alexander Michael Scheel, who now weighs over nine pounds.

Kim and Dan are having fun coaching Karla's soccer team.

Heidi and Jim moved to a new beautiful house in Easton.

Jill has a new position at Disney. She is the entertainment manager of the Disney Water Parks.

Burns is as beautiful as ever.

Aunt Joan will be traveling to Spain and Portugal with a friend October 28th for 15 days.

Dan Kavanaugh was a recipient of the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Director's Award as a member of the Head and Neck Surgical Program of Care. On the acting front, Dan shared in the 1997-1998 Ruby Griffith Award as a member of the cast of the play "Someone Who'll Watch Over Me". The award is given annually by the British Embassy to the best nonequity production in the Washington metro area.

Karen and Kim have had fun selling beanie babies at the YWCA local flea market. one woman bought $355 worth - unbelievable!!

Karen has been busy preparing for her four upcoming craft shows. Snowmen and santas are her theme.

John Zentgraf has the calendar at home all messed up with hunting, hunting, hunting. John's hunting story is always the same, "The deer looked at me, I looked at him, he snorted and pawed the ground with his hoof, etc., etc., etc."

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Matthew is getting ready for basketball season.

Nicole is in the school chorus, plays a snare drum (of all the instruments to pick) and is on the human relations committee.,

Allison is loving kindergarten.



Mary Lou Unangst - 10/1/53
Lois Schroeder - 10/5/61
Ashley Schroeder - 10/5/82
Lloyd Foss, Sr. - 10/7/25
Dan Smith - 10/7/61
John Zentgraf - 10/9/56
Jay Unangst - 10/10/50
Corey Unangst - 10/10/82
Matthew Zentgraf - 10/14/85
Andrew Foss 10/17/65
Alyson Cohen 10/20/94
Amy Schroeder - 10/27/84
Mary Schroeder - 10/31/24

Roxanne Schroeder - 11/3/68
Tony Allen - 11/4/79
Matthew Smith - 11/4/90
Kelsey Schroeder - 11/7/87
John Schroeder, Jr. - 11/15/49
William Fritts - 11/16/97
Tom Flaherty - 11/22/86
Ed Schroeder - 11/23/21
Melissa Ackerman - 11/24/69
Caroline Smith - 11/28/61
Dan Kavanaugh - 11/29/62
Philip Foss - 11/29/62


Please, please, please send me news on anything - what sports the kids are playing, how they are doing in school, who plays what instrument, any job promotions or changes, where you went on vacation, where you're going for the holidays, how much deer was hunted, et cetera.

Once again, my address is:

Kim Kavanaugh
1712 Potomac Road Edgewater,
MD 21037

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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