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The annual 24th Schroeder reunion has been scheduled for 12:00 noon, August 8, 1998, at Oxford Furnace Branch Lake in Oxford, New Jersey. Mark your calendars today!!! The cost will be approximately $15 to $20 per family. The amenities include: a dock for fishing, (you may bring a boat), a sandy beach for swimming, a covered pavilion, nice bathrooms, and a small playground. And as usual, in all public locations, no consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted.

The survey responses resulted in a change in our menu this year. The majority voted that each family be responsible for their own main meal, and we share desserts. Therefore, do as you will. You are allowed to bring grills to the lake for cooking. There is an option to rent a grill there, if anyone is interested in this, let me know and we'll try to arranqe it.


I last reported I had received $52 and some stamps. I have since received $77 from another nine people. Someone actually sent me $30!!! That person is a long distance call, so that allows me to call him and get information. So that brings the total to $129. Thank you for all the responses and money. I'll have enough now to buy some door prizes for the reunion. If you're wondering why the price of the reunion has gone up a little, it's so that the editor of the newsletter (whoever that may be next year) can start off in the black instead of in the red and begging for money. By the way, this wasn't just the idea of the editor, it was decided and agreed upon by a committee.


Thank you for all the responses. I received 29 responses. Question 1 - Where should the reunion be held? Winning response - A lake with a pavilion - specifically mentioned Furnace Branch Lake. Question 2 - What should we do about food? Winning response - Everybody brings their own main meal and we share desserts. Thanks again for all the responses.


Alyssa Schroeder won four and lost two in basketball. Jean, her mom, coached.

Tara will graduate with honors from preschool in MaY.

Trevor enjoys going to his Dad's greenhouse at Sunseed and helping out.

Steve, Jean, Trevor and Alyssa are coming to Maryland for a visit in June. A Karl Schroeder family reunion will be held at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland.

William Fritts was baptized. Jill Bamford and Joel Compton are the proud Godparents.

Mary and Michael Scheel are expecting their first baby in September - Conoratulations!

Bill and Kathleen are spending three months in Clearwater, Florida, although E1 Nino is not cooperating in the weather department.

Marylou is running for re-election on the Harmony Township School Board. If elected, this would be her fourth term.

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Nancy Sheck is still busy raising Ruhl, their Canine Companion for Independence dog. He is a beautiful Golden Retriever. He will be returning to CCI in New York on May 16th for his advance training. They are on the list to receive a new pup following Ruhl's departure.

Bob Sheck brews his own beer and ale. This year was his third time at being a Judge at the Frederick Fair in the beer judging department.

Lyne and Andy Foss are expecting their first baby on June 27th - Congratulations!

Andy went to Maine with Dad and brothers. Andy came home with an 11-point buck.

Stephen plays saxophone in a jazz band at school.

Kelsey is editor of her school newspaper. (Maybe she's a future editor of the Schroeder Newsletter!)

JR coaches soccer, thinks about soccer, plays soccer, dreams of soccer, prays about soccer.

Lynn keeps JR away from soccer.

Parker loves trucks, trucks, trucks! !

Lynn and JR will celebrate their 2Oth Wedding Anniversary on June 24, 1998, and are looking forward to being alone on a Bahamas vacation

Roxanne and David will be stationed in Kiev, Ukraine beginning late July for two years. They began language training in February. If anyone knows people in Kiev, let David know. His e-mail is davrosQmindspring.com

Chris is enjoying coaching the Mt. St. Joe's Academy high school girls swim team for the second year.

Chris's three-year-old black cocker spaniel spags says hi to everyone. He says he's also cuter than Nancy's dogs.

Dan was an extra in the TV show Homicide - Life on the Street. It will air sometime in April. The title of the show is "Strangled, Not Stirred." It is about a murder who picks his victims out of bars. Dan is in a bar scene and on the street hailing a cab. He did not have any lines, but said it was a fantastic experience.

Kim and Dan's house is still for sale. Boo-hoo.

Karla broke a record at the Maryland Science Center for stringing magnetic bingo chips.

Karen and Kim are collecting Ty Beanie Babies. Is anyone else?

Linda and Pat bought a pop-up trailer for camping. They will break it in on short trips and then take it to Disney in Auqust.

Sean is trying out for some select baseball teams in the area, and currently he is playing volleyball with his father, and is becoming an accomplished volleyball player - watch out Lloyd!

Patrick has been volunteering on committees at U. of MD letting the state legislators know what the U. of MD is doing for the State of Maryland to acquire more funds for the university.

The Zentgrafs are going to Disney World over Easter vacation. They will be having breakfast with the chracters.

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Brooke Ackerman - 2/3
Michael Scheel - 2/6
Bob Sheck - 2/7
Lisa Foss - 2/7
Anthony Schroeder - 2/7
Mike Schroeder - 2/17
Kathy Cohen - 2/19
Karen Zentgraf - 2/20
Jennifer Schroeder - 2/28
Katelyn Cohen - 2/29
Philip Foss, Jr. - 3/1
Richard Schroeder - 3/19
Heidi Fritts - 3/20
Pat Schroeder - 3/27
Glenn Ackerman - 3/29
Christopher Foss - 4/l
Karl Schroeder - 4/3
Scott Davis - 4/5
Rachel DuMont - 4/7
Robert Schroeder - 4/23
Tom Schroeder - 4/28


Mom and Dad - Can't wait to come to Maryland in June! Love, Steve, Jean, Alyssa, and Trevor

John Z. - Where's the crabs??

Burns - John wants you to introduce him to Mickey.





Kim Kavanaugh
1712 Potomac Road
Edgewater, MD 21037

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