Vol. 1997 No. 4   December 8, 1997

The plans for the 24th Schroeder Reunion have yet to be finalized by the organization committee due to the fact that NOT ALL THE RESPONSES TO THE SURVEY HAVE BEEN RETURNED! Anyone not returning a survey form by the 1st of January, will get a nasty note from the editor of the newsletter. I have enclosed another survey in this newsletter package just in case some of you lost your first survey. And let me just itemize who the responses came from, without mentioning names. I got back surveys from all of the original nine except one, (Uncle Jack sent me his response through mental telepathy, so that still leaves one not returned.) I received surveys from three cousins, out of too many cousins to count. And I received three back from my four siblings. So that's a total of 13 responses returned out of a possible 42 that were sent out. That's about a 30 percent response rate, which isn't too bad, I guess, but I know we can do better. Get in the Christmas spirit and SEND ME A RESPONSE - drop me a note as to what you're doing, I'd love to hear from everyone and put lots of news in the next newsletter!!!

Carolyn returned her survey with a map of a newer lake called Oxford Furnace Lake in Oxford, New Jersey. She reports, "It is by far the most desirable place to hold a reunion. It's new. It's clean. It would be private. The lake is big. the pavilion is big. It would be worth it to ask Bill, Virginia, Ed, Melissa, Heidi to check it out." And she also sent me a map of the area. Thank you, Aunt Carolyn! Ed reported on Oxford Furnace Lake as well. He says, "It's a beautiful lake, sandy beach, nice pavilion, good parking, swimming in lake, about 18 miles from P'burg." Mary Lou and Caroline also visited

Oxford Furnace Lake and reported that it was affordable, sandy beaches, shallow to deep lake with lifeguards and docks, fishing, small playground, big pavilion, not very crowded, boating allowed, grills allowed and/or provided, the lake is much bigger than Harts Lake and the swimming area is three to four times larger, parking is more convenient than Harts Lake as well.


In the last newsletter I reported the following, "Jill will be having her tonsils out on November 3rd. Joan is going to Florida to take care of her baby." No, Jill did not have a baby. Aunt Joan was going to take care of her baby, Jill. Jill will always be the baby of the family, just like Aunt Joan will always be the baby of the family. So the baby was going down to Florida to take care of her baby. Figure that one out.


Seeing how we were broke as of the last report, the only direction to go was up, and we did. Thanks to all 13 responses, I received $52 dollars from nine people, ranging from one person - pent me $20 down to the asked-for dollar. Two people sent me some stamps, which works for my purposes just as well. One person said I should be charging $5, but then didn't send me any. The money received will buy 162 stamps, and then I received a total of 25 stamps more, for a total of 187 stamps. That allows me to send 4.5 newsletters out a year. So 11 people pulled the load for the rest of you 31 people. Let me once again say that doesn't cover any of my other expenses, i.e., phone calls, paper, copying, et cetera. So if there is anyone out there who hasn't sent in their asked-for dollar, please feel free to do so. I won't complain.

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Joan and Mary enjoyed their nineday bus trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. Highlights included stops at Graceland and B.B.Kings Blues Club in Memphis, Harrah's Vicksburg Casino, Isle of Capri Crowne Plaza Resort in Biloxi, and a swamp tour in Louisiana, the underground and Coca-Cola Pavilion in Atlanta, and the Biltmore Mansion, Winery, and Deerpark Restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina.

In January 1998 Joan and Mary are planning to attend two Elderhostel weeks in Florida: Camp Thunderbird at Apopka and San Pedro Center at Winter Park. Then Burns will join them for a week at Disney World in February.

John Flaherty was on the JV football team.

Bethann Flaherty is in the band and on the swim team at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, North Carolina.

David Schroeder and Roxanne Cabral tied the knot on September 6th, 1997. Congratulations, Dave and Roxanne!!!

Tom will retire on January 3rd, 1998.

Tom and Nancy attended his 40-year college reunion on October 16th, 1997.

Tom, Jr., is working on two historical buildings in Virginia: Belle Grove, birthplace of James Madison, and St. Johns Church in Richmond - Patrick Henry - "Give me Liberty or Give me Death."

Nancy Schroeder has done four antique shows this year and is having a ball.

Joan and Chris are planning to go to France in April for a nine-day tour. Joan and Burns are going on a fourday Disney Cruise in May.

Jennifer and Scott Davis and Carolyn went to Mexico over Thanksgiving. It is Scott and Jenn's second cruise.

Scott Davis has been promoted to assistant manager of operations in campus life, dining and vital services at Cornell University.

Scott Davis has also been selected to host the campus life annual carnival this year at Cornell. He was unanimously selected as the MC because people think he's funny.

Jennifer has taken on additional responsibilities in her position this semester as she serves as the acting director for the Latino Living Center as well as her other housing duties. The Latino Living Center has been the topic of much controversy in higher education, so look for her quotes in the Chronicle of Higher Education newspaper out the second week of October.

Marylou and Jennifer attended a N.J. Board of Education conference in Atlantic City in October.

Jennifer took her staff of 15 to 20-year-olds to Niagara Falls, Canada in September.

Ed and Phyllis are going to Florida for three months: Jan., Feb., and March.

Amy Schroeder was an unbeaten first string goalie for the Amherst Middle School soccer team until she hurt her knee in a skating accident and ended up on crutches. She also became an official teenager on October 27th and can now watch PG13 movies.

Adam Schroeder is convinced his parents should use his college savings for a professional skateboard, which costs approximately $3,000 or more.

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Roxanne joined the Foreign Service and should receive her assignment sometime in December, then she and David will be off to a new home in a far off land.

NEW ADDITION - On November 16th Heidi and Jim became proud parents for the second time to a beautiful baby boy, William Bamford Fritts, he weighed in at 8 pounds and was 20 inches long. Congratulations!!!

Karl and Jean got a new computer as an early Christmas present. Karl is having loads of fun with it, although he forgot how to get on the net, shortly after being shown, (short-term memory loss), but who knows maybe he'll become a computernik (look it up). He would love to hear from anyone and everyone on his E-mail: KRS@theonramp.net.

Linda and Pat are going to Disney World in January for four days without kids. Kim and Dan are watching Ryan.

Kim and Dan are going to New York City for a four day vacation without kids. Linda and Pat are watching Karla and Tara. (nice switch!)


Mom and Dad Foss - Happy Anniversary, December 27, 1950 - 47 years!!! Love, JD

ML - Congratulations on your promotion and job! Love, JD

Kim - Good job on newsletter!

Amy & Adam - We enjoyed your visit! Love, The Maryland Crew

EVERYONE - Send Kim your E-mail addresses! From, Karl.


This past summer I worked as a housemaster for a summer program for the gifted. The program, three weeks long, invited gifted and talented children from around the world to immerse themselves in highly interactive, exciting, learning environment facilitated by world renown professors, artists, composers, and teachers. The Summer Institute for the Gifted is highly competitive and seeks applicants around this time. I plan to work at the institute again next summer as a program director. If you are interested in more info. and application procedures, please contact me:

Jennifer Davis
2015 Class of 28
Ithaca, NY 14853
For further clarification, please call me at (607) 255-0176 or e-mail at JD49@cornell edu.


Jennifer Davis - 12/6
Debbie Allen 12/7
Bruce Cohen 12/10
Steven Schroeder - 12/10
Tara Kavanaugh - 12/15
Lloyd Foss, Jr. - 12/17
Jim Fritts - 12/18
Lynn Schroeder - 12/19
Karla Kavanaugh - 12/20
Drake Schroeder - 12/21
Mark Schroeder - 12/27
Nicole Zentgraf - 1/10
Linda Wadsworth - 1/13
Jessica Foss 1/15
Scott Sheck 1/23
Jean Schroeder - 1/31

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