Vol. 1997 No. 3   October 13, 1997

This year's reunion was as successful as ever, except we were missing something did anyone notice? We forgot to invite the RAIN ! !
The children had fun smacking the pinata - thank you, Jennifer, for supplying the pinata. There was a bubble gum blowing contest, but no report on who won Joan forgets. Karl reports that Bingo worked out great with a lot of prizes that everyone brought, however, he recommends that next year someone bring tape for Bill's mouth to stay shut - apparently he bugged Karl too much.


Peggy reports that before the 23rd reunion there was $58 in the treasury. $37 was added to that from the 50/50 at the reunion for a total of $95. Jennifer was reimbursed $92 for mailing expenses for the past year's newsletters, and Peggy was reimbursed $3 for the roll of 50/50 chances. Therefore, we are broke, folks. This may be the last newsletter - how can I send it out without money7 Well, I know Jennifer did, but she shouldn't have had to. At past reunions $1 was collected from everyone who is on the mailing list as a contribution towards their newsletter postage - that doesn't even include paper, envelopes, and copying. We have forgotten to collect this dollar the past two reunions, thereby creating this debit. This dollar would only cover three newsletters a year, which I guess is adequate and gets me off the hook from having to do more. So I guess what I'm asking is if anyone would like to contribute a measly dollar towards receiving their newsletter, I would very much appreciate it.

AUGUST 1. 1998

Get set for next year's reunion now ! ! !   Sign up and volunteer for what activity you would like to host or what food you would like to bring - spots are filling quickly, and you may not get your first choice if you do not respond promptly! (Or worse - you'll be volunteered for something really yucky!)
Thanks go to Maryanne and Heidi for volunteering to organize the children's games. More thanks go to Heidi and Melissa for volunteering to find a new place to hold our reunion. Please fill out enclosed survey and send back to the editor so we can make our reservations.


Corey is a freshman in high school and was elected to her student government and is very excited to be playing goalie on her varsity field hockey team.

Marylou has a new job as assistant vice president and manager of the United National Bank in Phillipsburg.

Heidi also has a new job as the principal of Mercy Special Learning Center and is extremely busy performing her duties there.

Jill will be having her tonsils out on November 3rd. Joan will be going to Florida to take care of her baby.

Joan reports that Camp Skycrest's campaign was a success and the camp is paid off.

Tom went to Albuquerque New Mexico, for a couple days on business.

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Joan and Mary are going on a bus trip for nine days to Biloxi, Mississippi. They will be staying at a casino there for three nights and will have a side trip to New Orleans.

Linda is proud that Ryan, who is only three, can carry a tune.

Sean is excited that he is now taller than his mother.

Kim won $132 at bingo.

Karla learned how to read in kindergarten last year.

Sean plays the drums in the symphonic band.

Jean and Karl will be visiting Steve and Jean for two weeks out in California. Steve and Jean sent their folks portions of airline ticket vouchers for various gifts birthdays, Christmas, et cet. So they are flying gratis their kids.

Karl had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, all went well, knee has recovered. Now Karl needs to learn how to walk without a limp.

Amy was selected to play in the Disney Young Musicians Orchestra. She traveled to California and stayed for two weeks, all expenses paid. The Disney Young musicians Orchestra was shown on the Disney Channel the same day as the reunion.

Amy currently is playing in the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra second violin.

Adam wants to be a pro skateboarder, and he plays the drums.

Matthew Zentraf is 12 and is already 5'5" and ready for the basketball season to start.

Nicole sings in her school chorus.

Karen is busy preparing for four Christmas craft shows.

The Wadsworth family went on two

vacations this summer. The first to The Lake of the Ozarks National Park in Missouri. The second to Disney World with the whole Bamford clan. They had a wonderful time.

Dan, a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service, was recently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. LCDR Kavanaugh is stationed at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland

Kim and Dan's house has been for sale since May. They hope to move closer to Bethesda It's usually over an hour drive for Dan to get to and from work.

Dan is in another play this fall. This time he is playing six different characters in the play Voice of the Prairie.

I volunteered for this position for two reasons. One, I like to hear all the family news and keep in touch, and, two, I have a computer. Recently I have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome, which is pain in my right wrist caused from typing too much. It is not too painful, although I understand if it gets worse it can be. I wear a brace on my wrist when I type now to prevent it from getting worse. It's not bad enough that I can quit work - darn. i do an enormous amount of typing for my job as a court reporter. I go to hearings two days a week and type on my lap-top during the hearings, and then I type the transcripts at home. I love my job, it has great flexibility, because I am an independent contractor and I can pick when I want to work. However, I still find it difficult to balance job, motherhood, and taking care of a house, (as well as trying to sell it right now). It's a busy life we all lead, but I try to remind myself to take time out to smell the flowers and hug my kids. Creating this newsletter also gives me a chance to think about all you wonderful people and send my love.

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