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Schroeder Newsletter
All The News We Can Dredge Up."

Reunion was a success;Next
reunion to be best ever!! Mark
your datebook, August 2, 1997.

This year's Olympic theme brought us all together in the spirit of competition. Schroeders from all over the globe came to Hart's Lake to enjoy the company of relatives. Of course, the day wouldn't have been complete without the rain., games, and fun The children's games were fantastic and all who participated had a great time. The pinata was also a lot of fun as always a favorite. The

Next year's reunion ...1
Stephanies Wedding! ...1
Andy's Getting Married! ...1
Message From The President! ...2
Sutton's Celebrate 50th ...2
Car'S Are Great Gifts ...2
Letter From The Editor ...2
Drew's Appendix Removed! ...2
Treasurer's Report! ...2
Patricks Father Passed Away ...2
Karl Takes Three Deer! ...2
Skycrest Needs Your Help! ...2
Make Time for What Matters ...3
ASome New Addresses! ...3
Casey is Queen! ...3
Lloyd Jr. Makes a Move! ...3
Newsletter Highlights: ...3
Relationship Bee was fun for everyone as well as the "Let's Make a Deal!' game. Thanks to Peggy and Jack for taking. care of the 50/50 again!

Next Year's

Next year's reunion is slated for August second and to be one of the best ever. It will be the first of two times in August that we will all gather to celebrate family news. The second gathering will be at Stephanie's wedding. So, mark your Calendars and get ready to have a good time with your favorite family members,
We're looking for volunteers and some great ideas, if you're willing and ready, please call Mary Lou at (908) 689-2781. Look for more details in The next Newsletter.
The longest flight of a cork from a bottle of Champagne was 173'9".


Stephanie Sheck is planning her wedding for August 23, 1997. The lucky groom is Jim Bahr. Presently they are in Texas as Jim is in flight school with the Navy. The colors for the wedding are blue and white. Both Stephanie and Jim are anxious for the upcomming date and look forward to seeing everyone there to share their blessed event.

Andy's Getting

Andy Foss is also in the process of planning a wedding. The special day is scheduled for May 17 1997 in Bloomsbury NJ. The bride, Lyne LaFlame, is busy settling all the details and they, too, look forward to sharing their special day with relatives and friends.

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2 Schroeder Newsletter December 18, 1996

Message From The

Hello everyone! I am really enjoying being the president of such a wonderful family. I hope everyone is in good health and spirits and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again this summer. Have a nice Spring! - Mary Lou Unangst

Celebrate 50th

Cliff and Virginia Sutton celebrated a wonderful 50th Wedding anneversary on November 16. A spectacular party was held for family and friends and it was a grand celebration of a union that's over a half a century old. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Car's Are Great

Nancy and Louis are among the Schroeder's who were lucky enough to get car's for their birthday's. Nancy went out a bought a new Saturn as a gift for herself on her birthday! She has reported that all the wonderful Saturn commercials for customer service are true! Lois recieved a Mustang Convertable from her husband Mark to celebrate her birthday! Very lucky ladies! Enjoy!

Letter From
The Editor:

Well, I am really glad to get the chance to send out this newsletter. My life has been so busy lately, that I thought I may never finish this newsletter. I apologize for not getting the winter edition out, so I plan to double up on the Spring editions. Things should settle down for awhile later this Spring. Enclosed in this newsletter is a birthday list for the year. If you need me to change or update it, just give me a ring or drop me a note. Also included is a News Realease form for you to fill in all your news, big and small and send it back! I look forward to hearing something from each of you. -Jennifer


In December, Drew Scroeder had to be admitted into the hospital for acute apendasitis. His appendix was promtly removed and he was able to go home within a week.


Pegge reports that there is $58 in the treasury. She also wanted everyone to know that donations are accepted.

Patrick's Father
Passed Away

With sorrow, it is reported that Patrick Wadsworth's father passed away last fall. He was a Luitenient Colonal and has served in three wars; The 2nd World War, The Korean War, and The Vietnam War. He was placed to rest in Arlington Cemetary just before Thanksgiving.

Karl Takes
Three Deer!

Karl and John Zentgraff went hunting on the Eastern Shore this Fall bringing home a 12 point/184 pound buck! The deer was taken down at Eastern Neck on the Eastern Shore of Maryland! Karl has upped his take to three deer this season.

Skycrest Needs
Your Help!

Camp Skycrest is looking for individuals to help with their fundraising campaign. They also would like to completely update their list of alumni. If you participated in Camp Hugh Beaver, CampKresge/Hugh Beaver or Camp Skycrest please take a Moment remember all your camp friends and call Mary Lou at (908) 689- to update the camp's listing.

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3 Schroeder Newsletter December 18, 1996

Make Time for
What Matters

Here we are, past the halfway marker in the last decade of the twentieth centurty, and the trenineisters still haven't come up with a snappy title to name the 1990's. No Me Decade. No Age of Aquarius. No Era of Greed.
Perhaps there's a reason for that. Perhaps it's because we've all been so busy keeping our noses to the grindstone that we haven't had time to take stock of the world around us. When they finally,get around to naming the 1990's, maybe they'll call it the Decade of Diminishing Returns.
We're working harder, not to get ahead, but just to keep pace. We work nights, weekends and in our cars on the way to the airport. And when it comes to taking time off - forget it.
The costs of all this overwork are high, for our employers as well as for you and me. It exacts a devastating toll in stress realated problems. What you need - what I need - is time off. That means taking vacations and making time each day for the things in life that really matter. Family. Friends. Fitness. Health. Take this moment now to make time for what really matters!

Some New

Lloyd Foss
850 Meadowbrook
Drive Huntington Valley, PA 19006
(215) 914-2002
e-mail: Ifoss@access.digex.net

Skip & Mary Lou Unangst
32 Demeter Road
Washington, NJ 07882
(908) 689-2781

Dan & Caroline Smith
42836 Crowfoot Court
Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 724-4059

Phil & Cora Foss
909 Reynolds Street
Easton, PA 18042
(610) 559-5508

Casey is Queen!

Casey Unangst was chosen by her high school peers to become Belvidere's Homecomming Queen this past fall. An excited Casey wore a beautiful blue suit to the corination and was just thrilled to be given such an honor. Mary Lou (The Queen's. Mom), Skip (The Queen's Pop), and Corey (The Queen's Sister) were very proud. Congratulations.

Lloyd Jr. Makes a

Lloyd Jr. made some big moves this fall. On September 13 Lloyd was offered another job at a computer company after 13 years with Aberdeen Proving Ground. He accepted and moved himself to Pennsylvania where he can walk to work. He's living in a country club apartment. Congratulations Lloyd!!


The next edition of the Schroeder Newsletter will be going to print in early May. Please share with us what is going on in your family. I will start making calls around the April 15th, so if you want to cut me and my phone bill a break, please either send in the news release form, call me at (607) 255-0176; (607) 255-1042, or email me at jd49@cornell. edu. If there are any corrections that need to be made please let me know. This includes addresses, birthdays or other general mistakes or miscommuications in the news. Please feel free to send in personals or messages to other people in the family. For example: "Jenn, You looked great at the party on the 15th." There will be an early May edition as well as a June edition and then a reunion update in July.

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4 Schroeder Newsletter December 18, 1996


Corey Unangst is the captain of the Harmony School cheerleading I Squad!
Scott Davis was recently promoted to Small Cash Operations Manager at Cornell University.
Virginia presented Carolyn with an Advent Gift, that is a bag of gifts, one for each day of December until Christmas. isn't that a great idea!?
This past fall, Nancy Sheck won some awards for her beautiful afghans. She won 3rd in the County, 3 rd in the State, and I st in the Community.
Jennifer & Scott Davis are the new owners of two pet ferrets. Joan and Dog have been with the Davis" since October. Anyone willing to adopt these house trained pets (fully descented and neutered) please do not hesitate to call us at (60") 255-0176. All necessary items for care provided. We deliver.

How long do you figure you spend brushing your teeth? Two to three Minutes? Hardly. The Academy of General Dentistry says it's probably less that a minute. That's not enough to plumb the crevices where cavity-causing germs lurk Three to four minutes is best. So tomorrow morning crank up your favorite song while you brush-and suppress the urge to spit in the middle of the second verse.
Amy Schroeder made 1st Chair as Violinist in the Greater Buffalo Orchestra.
Joan and Pat traveled to Greece early last fall. They had a wonderful trip. It was sponsored through the Easton Express, so if your interested in taking trips like that, just turn to your local newspaper for some opportunities.
John Schroeder Jr. has been recently honored with a 25 year Award at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Rockville, MD where he works
"Little Johnie" Flaherty is in high school now and enjoys playing baseball.
Mary Lou was reappointed to Belvidere Board of Education for the Second year.
Joan & Mary visited two hostels in the fall, one in Ocean City, MD where they learned about the barrier island ecology and one in Vermont at the Technical College where they learned about computers and water fitness. (Not related.)
Tommy Schroeder works for Games and Fisheries Department of VA.
Joan's email address is JKB@juno.com
Kathy Cohen has started a new Adult Day Care Bossiness sponsored by Career institute of Technology.
Charlie and Lisa have been enjoying a new hot tub.
Tommy Flaherty is in fourth grade mid has been elected as his class president. His platform included a proposed "dress down Friday".
Matthew Smith is enjoying kindergarten
Have a Great Spring!!

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