Vol 1996 No. 1 March 15 1996
Schroeder Newsletter
All The News We Can Dredge Up."

Reunion Slated To Be A Blast!!!

We've got a new president! Chris Schroeder has been given the honor of organizing this year's events by her brother, Mike. Mike will be unable to take charge of the event due to a vacation time conflict. He said that he would like to help as much as possible until the event, but won't be there to enjoy it. Suggestions for the reunion include: having a clam bake and/or cooking food on a big grill, the way Pap Pap did in Carpentersville. Look forward

We've Got A Doctor In The House!!! ...1
Katelyn Cohen has first birthday in years!! ...1
New Member of The Family ...1
Editorials ...2
Heidi's Expecting!! ...2
From Virginia Beach: ...2
For The Football Fans ...2
Stephanie Graduates! ...3
Charles Foss Gets Great Job Offer! ...3
Joan Bamford Has Hospital Stay. ...3
Authors In The Family! ...3
Someone's House Got Flooded! ...8
Hoax ... or Hidden Treasure? ...8
A Note From Diane ...8
Schroeder Shorts: ...8
to the Pinyata breaking in memory of Uncle Jack) If we're all tired of Hart's Lake, Heidi has it in with the Alpha Pool and we could enjoy the reunion there. Remember to bring everything and anything to the Schroeder Swap Shop during the reunion. And you know us Schroeders, bring anything!!! If you would like to be on a committee, please contact Chris ASAP. Hey this is going to be a great reunion so start planning on a blast!

We've Got A
Doctor In The

Chris Schroeder successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on "Consultant Roles in Teaching Family Group Homes" on Valentine's Day. The long (8 years!) haul is over! She'll receive her Ph.D. from Temple College of Education in May. Her specialty is Training & Organization Development. Anybody have a job for her? She was laid off by the State of NJ in July of last year when her program was privatized.

Katelyn Cohen
has first
birthday in

Katelyn, the only lucky individual in our family to be born on Leap Day, was born on February 29, 1992. This year she celebrated her very first birthday, but she's really four. Katelyn has had a hard winter this year. She had 1/3 of a lung removed due to an infection and a lodged foreign object inside her lung. As of now, Katelyn is feeling better and is recovering in her home with her family.

New Member of
The Family

Melissa and Glenn Ackerman are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl by the name of Brook Nicole. She was born on February 3, 1996 at 9:21 p.m She arrived weighing 9 lbs. 4 ozs. Congratulations to the happy parents!

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2 Schroeder Newsletter March 15, 1996


    I would like to thank Bob Sheck, Aunt Joan and Aunt Virginia and ALL others (not to leave anyone out) for convincing the family to continue with the reunion last year. If you didn't know, there was a discussion on canceling the reunion last year, due to Uncle Jack's death. The idea was spreading fast, and I know that Bob Sheck did some fast talking to squelch the idea.
The original family reunion started with Pap Pap's funeral and from then on the (ORIGINAL NINE) continued on with this annual event. The first few years, it was on the fourth of July weekend then the dates changed, and we moved from Camp Hugh Beaver to Lake Hart. However, somehow it always went down annually and there are still discussions of moving locations. I even hear of date changes and the discussion of every other year.
I know that the elected (maybe railroaded) officers (Past and Present) of the committee have always come through with their diligent work to make this affair happen and the word THANKS is not used enough. People from out of town areas are not always able to make it, however, it is terrific when they do make it! If possible I will see you there each year, and again THANKS to those who MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
Mark W Schroeder


    Hello to all of you out there. I apologize for not getting this letter out to you sooner. (No pun intended) Working at The University of Oklahoma has been very exciting for me. It has been equally frustrating. I realize that many of us are educators in one form or another and I thought I would just bounce something out there. Recently, in the Housing complex that I manage, we had an incident where some residents refused to cooperate with the resident assistants (students who are hired as staff to help manage the complex) and the situation ended up in having three people pepper sprayed and carted off to jail by the campus police. Of course, as a big nightmare you can imagine, it's a racial thing. The individuals who ended up going to jail stated that it was really all the RA's fault because they normally aren't around at that time. Is it my imagination or is this ludicrous? It seems to me that in the 60's students protested and then they held out their arms and said "Arrest me, I will take responsibility." In the 70's students protested and they would just lay there to be dragged off by police. In the 80's students protested and fought off the police. Now in the 90's they protest and say "Hey, You have no right to take me to jail, it was not my fault." When is this lack of taking responsibility for your

own behavior going to stop? Is this what I have to look forward to in the next century? Can it get any worse? Is this a cycle? Will the pendulum swing back to individual responsibility? As educators there has got to be something we can do. Just a thought. If any of you out there would like to respond to my frustration with a positive vision I would welcome any comments, questions or concerns. Feel free to e-mail me at: JDAVIS@housing.housing.okn or.edu or write or call.
Thinking about e-mail, I would like to start a Schroeder listserv. Please e-mail me and I will try to get it up and running before May. If you have e-mail please send it in so that I may include a listing in the next newsletter. My brother, Lloyd, has a Schroeder Web Page on the net. I don't know the address yet, but I think that our family reunion pictures are in there. My picture is on the net too. Browse The University of Oklahoma, Housing, Staff Listings, maybe under Couch Center. My name is spelled Jenn.
I have really enjoyed doing the newsletter. It has helped me feel closer to home and family when I am so far away. Thank you for all the responses, please keep them coming!
Jennifer A. Davis

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3 Schroeder Newsletter March 15, 1999


Heidi and her husband, Jim, are expecting their first child in June. She is very busy as she prepares for the new arrival. She is receiving her "Principal's Certificate" in May from East Stroudsburg University.

From Virginia

Lois has completed more college courses and keeps those grades at the top of her class.
Ashley is true teenager now and her father's grey hair can confirm that! She has been an inspiration on the trampoline and also does a wonderful job of training her brother Drake on it, (except the broken leg).
Drake is continuing with Speech classes, if the boy would just slow down his father could catch him. He is now a typical four year old and has to climb and run everywhere.
Mark stopped by Uncle Tom's and decided to please Aunt Nancy by assisting in cleaning up the neighbor's land, the driveway will sure look better now. Mark is still assisting the Department of the Navy with his talents, however, the traveling has slowed down And he has been able to enjoy the true feeling of family life.

For The
Football Fans

This past year Easton beat Phillipsburg in football on Thanksgiving 25 to 13. This was the 89th year they played. I would be interested in knowing if we had a family member at every game. Please send me a list of the year of the games that you played in and attended. I bet that we have attended every game since the beginning. Hey, I see a front page Express Article coming on!


Stephanie Sheck picks up a new 1995 Saturn for her college graduation (Christmas, Birthday, & next year's birthday) from Hood College. Stephanie finished up her classes in December and will get her degree in May. The degree that she has achieved is in computer science. Get this, she is working with the same company as her mother.. as her boss!! Congratulations Stephanie!!

Charles Foss
Gets Great Job

The title is Process/Environmental Engineer. Poderosa Fibres is building a plant in Northampton,

PA and will be ready to run in September. It is being built at the old Atlas Cement site on Route 329. The $190 million plant has only 11 salary jobs. It will take only 59 hourly employees to run the place 24 hours a day to produce 3000 tons of premium pulp per week from 100% office waste. It is the most modem recycling plant in the world. Congratulations!!
Joan Bamford
Has Hospital

Two weeks ago, Joan Bamford had a stay in the hospital due to a skin rash, fever, and sickness to her stomach. Not to worry, it was just a skin ailment and she is feeling much better and has been back to school. Hope you're feeling better!

Authors In The

Divided Nation, Divided State, Divided Family, is the title to the up and coming book written by John Sutton and Nancy Sheck. The book is about people who together from one state, chose sides in the Civil War. The book explores brothers and families whose lives were effected by family members choosing to fight for different causes in the War, most specifically, the Maryland vs. Maryland in Culp's Hill Battle.

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4 Schroeder Newsletter March 15, 1999
Nicole Zentgraf (Karen's daughter) 1-10-88
Linda Walsh   1-13-59
Jessica Foss (Phil's daughter) 1-15-88
Scott Sheck (Nancy's daughter) 1-23-74
Jean Schroeder   1-31-30
Brooke Nicole Ackerman (Robert's granddaughter, Melissa's daughter) 2-3-96
Robert Sheck (Nancy's spouse) 2-7-46
Lisa Foss (Charles's spouse) 2-7-65
Anthony Schroeder (Robert's grandson, Jennifer's son) 2-7-91
Mike Schroeder   2-17-54
Kathy Cohen   2-19-62
Karen Zentgraf   2-20-60
Jennifer Schroeder (Robert's daughter) 2-28-71
Katelyn Cohen (Kathy's daughter) 2-29-92
Philip Foss Jr. (Philip's son) 3-1-89
Richard Schroeder   3-19-54
Heidi Fritts   3-20-65
Pat Lou Schroeder   3-27-52
Glenn Ackerman (Robert's daughter's spouse) 3-29-69

It Is indeed a desireable thing to
be weIl descended, but the glory
belongs to our ancestors.

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5 Schroeder Newsletter March 15, 1999
Karl Schroeder   4-3-27
Scott Davis (Jennifer's spouse) 4-5-65
Rachel DuMont   4-7-49
Robert Schroeder (Robert's son) 4-23-72
Wendy Schroeder (Mike's spouse) 5-6-54
Tom Schroeder Jr.   5-7-60
Mary Scheel   5-8-67
Ryan Patrick Wadsworth (Linda's son) 5-11-94
Trevor Schroeder (Steve's son) 5-17-90
Chris Schroeder   5-19-49
John Flaherty (Betsy's son) 5-28-82
Adam Schroeder (Richard s son) 5-30-87
Nancy Schroeder   6-1-34
Patrick Schroeder (Mike's son) 6-1-87
Stephanie Sheck (Nancy's daughter) 6-3-72
Diane Schroeder (Richard spouse) 6-5-54
Parker Moore Schroeder (JR's son) 6-5-94
Casey Unangst (MaryLou's daughter) 6-7-79
Alyssa Schroeder (Steve's daughter) 6-17-87
David C Schroeder   6-22-62
Jason Smith (Caroline's son) 6-28-9

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
-John Bowring

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6 Schroeder Newsletter March 15, 1999
Bill Schroeder   7-1-18
Carolyn Foss   7-2-31
Sean Walsh (Linda's son) 7-5-94
Jack Wieghorst (Peggy's spouse) 7-8-40
Tylor Foss (Charles son) 7-8-88
Zachary Schroeder (Robert's grandson, Jennifer's son) 7-12-93
Virginia Sutton   7-14-16
Kim Kavanaugh   7-20-63
Jack Schroeder   7-22-20 to 7-23-95
Rose Ann Allen (Debbie's daughter) 7-23-83
Drew Schroeder (Mark's son) 7-24-84
Cliff Sutton   7-28-17
Beth Ann Flaherty (Betsy's daughter) 7-29-83
Allison Marie Zentgraf (Karen's daughter) 8-1-93
Kathleen Stocker   8-4-19
Steve Schroeder   8-11-56
Joan Bamford   8-12-37
Cora Foss (Philip's spouse) 8-14-61
John Sutton   8-15-62
Jill Bamford   8-16-73
Peggy Wieghorst   8-18-48
Jean Schroeder (Steve's spouse) 8-22-60
Betsy Flaherty   8-28-49
Alexis Schroeder (Mike's daughter) 9-11-90
Nancy Shock   9-12-48
Burns Bamford   9-13-37
Lauren Schroeder (Mike's daughter) 9-16-83
Charles Foss   9-20-64
Wm Schroeder Jr.   9-22-56
John DuMont   9-22-57
Phyllis Schroeder   9-24-27
John Flaherty (Betsy's spouse) 9-26-47

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7 Schroeder Newsletter March 15, 1999
Mary Lou Unangst   10-1-53
Lois Schroeder (Mark's spouse) 10-5-61
Ashley Schroeder (Mark' s daughter) 10-5-82
Lloyd Foss Sr.   10-7-25
Dan Smith (Caroline's spouse) 10-7-61
John Zentgraf (Karen's spouse) 10-9-56
Jay Unangst (Mary Lou's spouse) 10-10-50
Corey Unangst (MaryLou's daughter) 10-10-82
Matthew Zentgraf (Karen's son) 10-14-85
Andrew Foss   10-17-65
Amy Schroeder (Richard's daughter) 10-27-94
Mary Schroeder   10-31-24
Tony Allen (Debbie's son) 11-4-79
Matthew Smith (Caroline's son) 11-4-90
Kelsey Schroeder (JR's daughter) 11-7-87
John Schroeder Jr.   11-15-49
Tom Flaherty (Betsy's son) 11-22-86
Ed Schroeder   11-23-21
Melissa Ackerman (Robert's daughter) 11-24-69
Caroline Smith   11-28-61
Dan Kavanuagh (Kim's spouse) 11-29-62
Philip Foss   11-29-62
Jennifer Davis   12-6-68
Debbie Allen   12-7-50
Bruce Cohen (Kathy's spouse) 12-10-60
Steven Schroeder (JR's son) 12-10-85
Tara Kavanaugh (Kim's daughter) 12-15-93
Lloyd Foss Jr.   12-17-57
Lynn Schroeder   12-19-55
Karla Kavanaugh (Kim's daughter) 12-20-91
Drake Schroeder (Mark's son) 12-21-91
Mark Schroeder   12-27-56

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8 Schroeder Newsletter March 15, 1999

House Got

Jean and Karl Schroeder came home to a big surprise when they found that their house had been flooded due to a pipe bursting while they were away in Florida. My condolences.

Hoax ... or

The story of Beale's treasure was first revealed in a 23 page book "The Beale Papers" that sold for 50 cents in Lynchburg back in 1885. As the story goes, Thomas J. Beale buried more than two tons of gold, silver, and jewels (today's value is more than $21 million) in Bedford County, Virginia in 1819 and 1821. Plenty of folks have claimed to have cracked the codes, allowing them to determine the site of the reported treasure. But everyone has come up empty. Of course, it's possible that someone secretly found the treasure. Others contend the story is a hoax. Caroline Smith would like to get a copy of the code and have everyone take a copy at this year's reunion. Everyone will have one year to try to break the code. We'll all meet next year (1997) to compare notes and

maybe break the code. You may obtain your own copy of the code through the book, "The Bale Treasure: A History of a Mystery." Write to Peter Viemeister at Hamilton's P.O. Box 932, Bedford, VA 24523, or call (540) 586-5592.

A Note From

1995 has been a challenging one for us. In July, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy and axillary nodal dissection in August. The surgery went well and there was no residual cancer in the breast tissue and no nodal involvement. For this I am extremely thankful. I had two months of hellish chemo and am now nearing the end of radiation therapy, which is going well. I have been teaching piano lessons on a very flexible basis when I've been able to and also playing at a small United Methodist Church in Orchard Park, where I've been for about a year. The people there have been wonderful and I've had to take a lot of Sundays off, but right now things are going well. Its funny how something so traumatic can be described in a few short lines. We have had unbelievable support from our church, friends and family. I am certain all the prayers have held me together, and our family, as well. In may ways, we have been blessed. It's been a difficult time, but we realize that it could have

been much worse and are thankful that the prognosis is good.
      In the meantime, life does go on. Richard is still at The Buffalo News, but also has his own Financial Planning Business now. He has been wonderful all these months. Amy is now 11 and a very busy 6th grader. She'd still very interested in music and plays the violin in school, at our local Suzuki Organization and the Greater Buffalo Youth String Orchestra. She won a scholarship to the Suzuki Summer Institute at Ithaca College, where we spent the first week of July. Adam is 8 and in 3rd grade. He hasn't taken violin lessons this fall due to my illness, but will be resuming sometime soon. He's busy with all the things little boys like --sports, sports, and more sports! The kids have had a tough 6 months right along with us, but they've been great and we're all hanging in there. Life certainly has a way of shifting in a matter of moments, doesn't it? Such times force us to stop and reflect, prioritize, examine and evaluate our lives. More than ever, I am certain that God is with us in all circumstances of life and I am so thankful for His faithfulness. Thank you so much for your cards, notes, and prayers. Love to all, Diane

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9 Schroeder Newsletter March 15, 1999


Bob and Nancy Sheck will be married 25 years on April 17, 1996.
Jill Bamford has recently tried out for a Disney Character at Disney World. Good Luck!
Bill Schroeder and Kathleen Stecker enjoyed 2 months in Largo, Florida.
Mary and Mike Scheel have a new addition to their family, a dog, by the name of Prancer.
Kelsey Schroeder starred as Mary in her church play at Christmas and recently made her 1st confession!
Caroline and Dan Smith just got on the Redskins Season Ticket list. They are around 50,000 50,300 on the waiting list. The wait is just a short 25 years.
Mike Schroeder is coaching his son's traveling Soccer team this Spring. Good Luck!

Scott Sheck is in Korea until October 1996. He is with the Army for one more year.
Joan Bamford is in her 37th year of teaching. She is presently teaching 5th grade at Tracy School in Easton.
Chris Schroeder's husband, E.J. Carreiro just moved his law office in Hatboro. It looks great & is five minutes from home.
Nancy and Stephanie Sheck are planning to visit London, England and Paris, France next week for 10 days, while Bob stays home with the dogs.
Jill's address until April 1996 is:
1321 4th Court
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Casey Unangst just got her first car, a 1987 Dodge Shadow.
Bob Sheck was a beer judge at the Frederick County Fair this past Fall.
Karl Schroeder has Prostate Cancer.
Stephen Schroeder is an up and coming sax player .. look for him on the "Cool Jazzy" scene when he's not playing soccer, baseball, baseball, basketball ... etc...
In November, Joan Bamford, Virginia Sutton, and Mary Schroeder enjoyed the Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York City. They also visited F. A. 0. Schwarz Toy Store on Fifth Avenue.
Parker Schroeder enjoys pre-school and is a tease just like his Pap - pap.
Nancy Sheck has a job with Softrac America in Frederick, MD. Bob is still employed at Hood College.
Jill Bamford is working at Riverside Theater in Vero Beach, Florida as a "Company Manager".
Pat Schroeder is taking a 3 week solo trip to New Zealand in March.

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