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Volume 258 "All the news we can dredge up." Summer 1995



Don't forget your responsibilities! Here is the list again, so double check it and see what you have to do and what is going to be going on.

J&P Weighorst
V Sutton
Joan Bamford
Jean & Nancy Schroeder
Karl Schroeder
Jack Schroeder
L Foss Jr.
A Foss
C Smith
C Sutton
Bubble Gum & Peanut Scranble
Swap Shop
Wine & Cheese
Pinata/Top Spinning Contest
Relationship Bee
Speaker Sys

Everyone should bring a prize for the Bingo game.

Hat Contest! 3 prizes awarded for the most original, funniest and most beautiful. Heidi will be the hat judge.

Food - Contact Bill 2 weeks prior to the reunion if you would like to have the deli trays brought in or bring your own.

Dessert Table - Everyone should bring a dessert to share.

Cost - Pay as you enter Hart's Lake. $3 per adult, $2 per child 3-18, under 3 free. Also pay Lynn Schroeder $1 per person for the treasury.

I just received some late breaking news about some of the prizes to be awarded for various contests this year made by two of my favorite uncle I don't want to let to much info slip just yet. You'll have to be there or be squared, as they say.

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Dan and Kim Kavanaugh recently took a week long trip to San Francisco. Dan won the trip through a Super Bowl Trivia Contest on PRODIGY online service. They really appreciated Karl & Jean, and Linda and Patrick for baby-sitting the girls (Karla and Tara) while they took this second honeymoon.

Dan continues his involvement in theater. He recently acted in Neil Simon's "Lost in Yonkers" and is currently directing a play for Colonial Players One-Act Play Festival to be held July 13-23 in Annapolis, MD.

Are you looking for an interesting outing filled with history, adventure and one the best looking tour guides around? Well, how about Gettysburg, PA. John Sutton is now a Licenses Battlefield Guide for Gettysburg National Park. He'll take you and your friends or family on a private tour of the battlefield and dazzle you with the history of the area. John took the written test in December with about 200 other people and the top 38 people were chosen as guides. He's having a great time and meeting some interesting people himself. Good Luck, John.

Tommy Flaherty made his first communion on Mother's Day this past spring. Virginia and Cliff went Durham for the event.

On the 1 8th of June, Ed and Phyllis, Tom and Nancy, Mary and Jack Schroeders attended and Elderhostel in Tenn. While there, Jack and Ed took a class in "woodturning," Phyllis, Mary and Tom took a "stained glass" class, and Nancy a "pottery" class. The Elderhostel was located on Center Hill Lake in Middle Tenn. The facility boasts exceptional studios, gifted teacher-artists, exhibition galleries,

library, dining room, a beautiful hilltop scenery. This was Uncle Jack's 10 Elderhostel and around Aunt Mary's 26th we belive. Mary, it might be interesting to everyone if you did an article on the different Elderhostels you have been to and the pluses and minuses of each.

Karen Zentgraf is still selling Discovery Toys - They have recently added to their line of toys and children's clothing, computer software for kids. Especially nice is the Kids Desk package which offers your child a choice of user friendly desktops and safeguards the adult programs.

Casey Unangst turned sweet 16 this year and got her first job. You can find Casey working diligently the A&P. She even received a bonus after just two weeks on the job for being most improved new employee. She now needs some tips on handling that income she is generating. It seems the minute the money comes in it is on its way out again.

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Steve Schroeder......... 08-11-56
Joan Bamford............. 08-12-37
Cora Foss.................. 08-14-61
John Sutton................ 08-15-62
Jill Bamford................ 08-16-73
Peggy Wieghorst........ 08-18-48
Jean Schroeder........... 08-22-60
Betsy Flaherty............ 08-28-49

Nancy Sheck.............. 09-12-48
Burns Bamford........... 09-13-37
Lauren Schroeder....... 09-16-83
Charles Foss.............. 09-20-64
Wm. Schroeder, Jr..... 09-22-56
John Dumont............. 09-22-57
Phyllis Schroeder....... 09-24-27
John Flaherty............. 09-26-47

Mary Lou Unangst..... 10-01-53
Lois Schroeder.......... 10-05-61
Ashley Schroeder...... 10-05-82
Dan Smith................. 10-07-61
Lloyd Foss, Sr.......... 10-07-25
John Zentgraf............ 10-09-56
Jay Unangst.............. 10-10-50
Corey Unangst.......... 10-10-82
Matthew Zentgraf...... 10-14-85
Andrew Foss............ 10-17=65
Amy Schroeder......... 10-27-84
Mary Schroeder........ 10-31-24


It with with saddness that my time here is up, as editor-in-chief of the Schroeder Newsletter. This is, alas, my last issue. If there are no objections, my sister, Jennifer Davis would like the job. She's all the way out there in, God knows where, the heartland of America, and would enjoy the chance to stay involved with everyone by doing the newsletter. She also is quite the computer whiz and multimedia expert. So, please everyone note the new address at the bottom of the page to which all your news and articles should be sent.

911 IMHOFF, APT 639
NORMAN, OK 73072

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