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VOLUME 256 "All the news we can dredge up." Summer 1994


The 20th Annual Schroeder Family Reunion.
Hart Lake, Some town in PA
August 13th (the second Sat. in August)
$3/Adult - $2/chidren 3-12 years old - under 3 free
********************SPECIAL NOTE********************

Each Family should pay there own admission price individually as you enter the park. Pay the person at the gate as you enter. Thank You.
I hope everyone is excited and plans to attend this year's reunion. It has been a busy year for everyone. There are many new people to visit and lots of new s to pass along. Following is a list of important information, events and assigned responsibilities.

WINE & CHEESE  -  Carl and Jean Schroeder. Any family with children over the age of 18 is asked to bring a "wine," those familes with children under the age of 18 are asked to bring a "cheese" and those families with no children are asked to bring "crackers."

BOOK EXCHANGE - Carolyn Foss. Bring any unwanted paper backs, cookbooks, childrens books, etc. and exchange them to some you want!

FREEBIE TABLE - Jack Schroeder. Bring your junk and try to get rid of it!

CARD GAMES - Cliff Sutton. Pull up chair and try your hand.

CHILDREN'S GAMES - Joan Bamford Games for kids of all ages.

BINGO - Caroline Smith, Virginia Sutton and numbers callers, Ed Schroeder and Lloyd Foss, Sr. We need an event each year that will help us raise money for door prizes, postage for the newsletter, etc. This year the event choosen was BINGO. Each family is asked to bring a nice white elephant gift again (as we did last year for the auction) but this time it does not have to be wrapped. These gifts will then be placed on the Bingo prize table. There will be a $2.00 charge for each Bingo card played. Good Luck and Good Fun!!! (If you are asking yourself, "Why Bingo?" Well, I will tell you why. I love Bingo and have loved Bingo every since John Sutton was a little boy. Aunt Virginia would always have us play Bingo at the cottage on his birthday. It was so exciting! The most exciting of course was the coverall. I won the coverall just once. Just once. I won the grand prize. Mine was an ash tray. A ceramic clown ashtray. And oh, how I loved that ashtray..)

VOLLEYBALL- Lloyd Foss, Jr. and Pat Lou Schroeder. No room here for the tender hearted.

QUATES/HORSESHOES - Andrew Foss and Phil Foss. Bring whatever you can find.

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Reunion Details (con't
50/50 DRAWING - Peggy Schroeder and Heidi Fritz. Win. Win. Win. Win. $$$$$$$$

DOOR PRIZES - Chris Schroeder and Mary Lou Unangst. Prizes. Prizes. Win. Win. Win.

CUTEST BABY CONTEST - Tom & Nancy Schroeder. I thought I would just throw in one event I knew the Smith family would clean up on. Because we have the best looking babies around. But for those of you who think your kids are/were cute babies bring a picture you or yours as a baby and Tom and Nancy will decide.

FOOD - we will do the food the same as we did it last year. Bring your own or if your interested in the group thing call Bill at (215) 252-0484.

SURPRISE COMMEMERATIVE GIFT - Chris Schroeder. This year we have used some of the excess money in the treasury to buy everyone a special surprise 20th annual Schroeder Family Reunion commenerative gift


*****Announcing the arrival of JASON DANIEL SMITH. Dan and I are the proud parents of our third child, who arrived June 28th at 9:05am. Matthew (3) and Sam (1 ) are both enjoying their little brother. He came into the world at a weight of 9 pounds 3 ounces and was 22 1/2 inches long.

*****JR and Lynn are also the proud parents of their third child, also arriving in the month of June, PARKER MOORE SCHROEDER who arrived on the 5th. Stephen (8) and Kelsey (6) should make great older siblings for young Parker.


Chris Schroeder for achieving her personal best times at the World Masters Swimming Championship. Chris competed in July with 3500 other swimmers. The meet was held in Montreal, Canada. She placed 5th in the 50 meter backstroke, 5th in the 200 meter backstroke and 9th in the 100 meter freestyle for her age group (45-49 year olds). She was also able to enjoy the Jazz Festival up there and was accompained by her sister Pat Lou

Mark Schroeder who was promoted to the status of "Senior Chief." Mark is presently stationed at Little Creek, VA.

Heidi Bamford Fritz on her marriage to Jim Fritz this past June. Best Wishes.

Stephen Schroeder who received an outstanding athlete award while attending soccer camp this summer.

The YMCA for finally finding a replacement camp for Camp Hugh Beaver. The new camp is called Camp Sky Crest and is located in Monroe County, PA.

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Mary Lou Unangst organized a nice week long family vacation at the beach in early July. She rented a house on Long Beach Island and various members of the Foss family came and went for the week. Tylor Foss was quite the fish and loved the ocean. Dan and I and our kids also had a fun time and built in baby-sitters!

Another great swimmer in the making I hear is Kelsey Schroeder. I guess she'll be giving her aunt a run for her money soon.

Chris Schroeder is making progress on her disertation "Consulting Roles in Group Homes" and will finish in May 1995.


I must apologize because once again I am rushed to finish the newsletter before it gets to late. So there are a few sections I like to include that are missing this time. And, as you may have noticed the lack of photos. So the fall issue should be a good one.

Send    news,    photos, whathaveyou to:

Caroline M. Smith
13911 Gunners Place
Centreville, VA 22020
(703) 818-7462

Dan Smith has recently helped found, organize, and run the Northern Virginia Multimedia Users Group. The group meets once a month to exchange ideas and showcase different platforms and state-of-art multimedia products.

Everyone will be happy to hear that Pat Lou Schroeder finally bought a new set of golf clubs. She has also been traveling alot, as of late. Her trips include Montreal, New England, New Orleans and Florida.

Heidi Bamford is working at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World this summer.

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