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VOLUME 256 "All the news we can dredge up." WINTER 1994

QUITS IN 1993!
BEST WISHES to Burns Bamford in his recent retirement from 34 years of service to the Easton, Phillipsburg YMCA. He'll be missed by many at the YMCA both friends and family. He was greatly loved throughout the YMCA community for his dedication and hard work. The Schroeders also benefited in many ways from Burn's association including the many of us who worked at the YMCA, attended and worked at Camp Hugh Beaver and of course the loan of the camp for the Schroeder reunions for many years.

Because of Burns I have many very fondly held memories from my younger days as a camper and counselor at Camp Hugh Beaver. People who attended CHB often ask one another what their favorite memories were about camp. As a camper I remember being totally in awe of the counselors and the entire camping life. It was during the late 60's and camp life as I remember it was a lot different from when I was a counselor. I remember people being hit or punched during the Indian ceremony if they talked or laughed out of place. Camping out by yourself a night was required to obtain certain goals in some of the activities. Cabin I was like the death cabin, there were 2-3 day canoe trips, the Wednesday movies were about blood sucking leeches (I still have bad dreams about) and the songs sung at the camp fires are still the song I remember today. As a counselor in the 1980's things were different, due to the times and because Burns was missing. But none the less very rewarding and probably why today I enjoy children so much. I have many fond memories as a counselor including the first Blue/Gold day, working as second cook for Mr. Cook, my favorite cabin assignment with Mary Bamford, Lisa Lecause and the 5-6 year olds, CIA/KBG day, and the many wonderful people I worked with over the four years. Thanks for the memories, Uncle Burns!

BEST WISHES also to Lloyd Foss in his retirement from Heast Corporation this past December. He'll be around the Stewartsville/Phillipsburg area a lot more now in case anyone needs a fishing/hunting/card partner. He is also busy working on his extensive stamp collection and pruning his gardening skills.

The Foss men in honor or Lloyd Foss Sr.'s retirement took their first joint Maine hunting trip this past November. Luckily just dad got a deer this time so there should be no hard feelings. But I'm not really sure since none of them is speaking to one another. (Just joking.)

There have been no responses to the reunion change suggestions for 1994 (except I vote against the beach idea, so I guess that's out). So as it stands the reunion is set for the SECOND SATURDAY in AUGUST again at HART LAKE. Everyone set that day aside till you hear otherwise.

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Congratulations to Kim and Dan Kavanuagh on the arrival of their second little girl. Tara Danielle was born December 15th and was 8 pounds 14 ounces.

Thanks for the Oven Mitt to Aunt Mary. I haven't tried the Mandarin Orange Salad but I will. Please keep up the good work with the news items, they are most appreciated.

Lloyd Jr. visited Kitty Hawk, NC on his birthday this year and got some nice shots of the memorial as well as this picture of his own plane in the foreground and the monument if the rear.

Sister Mary Danial Schroeder recently commemorated 50 years in religious life. Sister Mary is an Easton native and currently is the director of music at St. John Pansh is Bushkill, PA.

For the out of towners, starting January 8, the area code for the Northhampton County will change from 215 to 610.

I've heard a rumor but nothing has been confirmed that John, Betsy Flaherty and family may be moving to the Raleigh, NC area. I believe John is there already and the rest of the family will move down after the school year.

Mary Schroeder and Jack Schroeder will be busy in February visiting three Elderhostels in Texas. Stay tune for more news in the next newsletter.

Last but not least we are expecting more than fire works this fourth of July. Dan and I and family are expecting our third child 7l4l94.

[John Wayne Bobbit anf David Schroeder]
What did Jeffrey Dalmar ask Lorena Bobbit? Are you going to eat that?

Congratulations to David Schroeder for his fine job successfully representing John Wayne Bobbit at his trial in August.

Dan Kavanaugh, a commissioned officer in the United States Public Health Service (USPHS), was promoted to Lieutenant, July 1, 1993. Dan is a clinical social worker stationed at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD. During the past year he was also named to the PHS Disaster Medical Assistance Team. The PHS team is called into action during national disasters to provide medical assistance to affected communities. Dan's role is to provide and coordinate mental health services. As a side note, Dan is also bust on stage with two theater groups in Maryland - the Colonial Players in Annapolis and the Bowie Community Theater in Bowie, MD.

"Pass the cream or I'll cut off your penis"

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"What's the big deal? I lopped own damn penis years ago. "

(I have misplaced my master birthday list and had to revert back to an old copy from 1990, so if your missed this time around my apologies. I hope to locate my working copy before the next newsletter.)

Sam Smith..................... 02-04-93
Robert Sheck................. 02-07-46
Lisa Foss....................... 02-07-65
Helene Storm................. 02-08-1899
Mike Schroeder.............. 02-17-54
Kathy Cohen................. 02-19-62
Karen Zentgraf.............. 02-20-60
Jennifer Schroeder......... 02-28-71
Kaitlyn Cohen............... 02-29-92

Philip Foss, Jr............... 03-01-89
Richard Schroeder......... 03-19-54
Heidi Bamford.............. 03-20-65
Pat Lou Schroeder........ 03-27-52

Karl Schroeder.............. 04-03-27
Rachel Dumont............. 04-07-49
Tom Schroeder, Sr........ 04-28-35
John Flaherty................ 04-28-82

Dear Ann Landers:

No need for advice, just a suggestion: Instead of our adult children giving us presents for Christmas, we'd prefer their time. Our needs for material things are few. We spent years amassing clothes, tools, appliances and what-have-you. We are getting up in age, and although we can do our regular chores, certain jobs are often difficult. This Christmas, we would like to have someone clean out the garage or attic. We would like to have the pantry straightened and organized. We would like to have our trees pruned. Instead of another sweater, repaint the living room or go through the mass of boxes in the attic and discard the junk. In lieu of sending some ill-afforded money or unneeded gifts, give up an afternoon of golf or day at the mall. Doing some of these chores would be the best gift our kids could give us.

- From a parent of grown children.

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