Reunion: August 14

SCHROEDER FAMILY REUNION has been set for the second Saturday in August at Hart Lake again this year. We are looking for ideas for acitivites, events, whatever at this year's reunion. Here a few of the ideas already received:

1) A White Elephant Auction - people bring a gift wrapped and labeled, ie. adult male, small child, etc. Then we auction them off among everyone. It's fun!

[AUG 2) Let's Make a Deal Game - again people bring smaU gifts and we use them as prizes for a Let's Make a Deal look-alike game.


4) Murder Mystery - people play different characters and act out and try to deterrnine who the murderer is. If you like and of these ideas or have new and exciting ideas please let me know. All ideas are welcome!

Goings Ons

[FORTY Jean's 40th Wedding Anniversary is still set for May8th. Karl has stocked up on liquid refreshments and Jean is giving orders to the caterer. The place is St. Andrew's Hall. The time is 3pm till 8pm. All brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and spouses are invited. Leave your children at home, but bring your dancing shoes and appetite.

Karen & John are expecting their "planned arrival" to be here before Deer Hunting Season...but after crabbing time.

Scott Sheck has decided that "It's the Army for me and my sweetheart."

Stephanie Sheck is now attending Hood College at Federick, MD on her way to becoming a professional women.

Chris Schroeder is travelling to San Francisco soon to do technical training for AT&T. She is also working on a proposal on how to deal with children who have been sexually abused in community housing.

[10 lb BABY]

Linda and her flame are aiming for union in December....pending necessary approvals.

[HEART] Mary Bamford's wedding is still planned for Memorial Day Weekend...No other details available, except that both Joan and Burns are preparing by going to Weightwatchers or Blockbusters or something like that...to shed a few!!!

Caroline Foss Smith delivered William (Sam) Samuel Smith at 8:09am, February 4, 1993. He weighed in at exactly lO lbs and was 22 inches long (see photo on left).


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A New Look

The Executive Committee has appointed me, Caroline Foss SMITH, to be Temporary Editor of the SCHROEDER FAMILY REUNION NEWS BULLETIN commencing with this issue and continuing until this year's Reunion (August 1 4th). At that time the membership will be polled to determine whether or not the foregoing appointment was suitable and whether or not the News Bulletin is still worthwhile. It is a pleasure to serve as the temporary editor of our newsletter. For this issue I sent a copy only to the nine brothers/sisters, aunts/uncles, (however you look at it) and asked them to pass it on to their family members. For anyone who would like to receive the newsletter directly, please forward me a note with a correct address enclosed. I would be happy to send the newsletter to anyone interested but would also like to receive news from the people who receive it. I would like to send out a newsletter every other month if possible. Do we have that much news? Well, your comments and news are welcome.


Happy Birthday!!

Karl Schroeder............04-03-27
Courtney Burnette.........04-04-83
Rachel Dumon..............04-07-49
Christopher FOSS..........04-21-90
Robert Schroeder..........04-23-72
Tom Schroeder Sr..........04-28-35
John Flaherty.............04-28-82

Margaret Talbert..........05-01-84
Wendy Schroeder...........05-06-54
Tom SchroederJr...........05-07-60
Mary Bamford..............05-08-67
Trevor Schroeder..........05-17-90
Chris Schroeder...........05-19-49
Adam Schroeder............05-30-87


Nancy Schroeder........06-01-34
Patrick Schroeder......06-01-87
Stephanie Sheck........06-03-72
Diane Schroeder .......06-05-64
Casey Unangst..........06-07-79
Alyssa Schroeder.......06-17-87
David Schroeder .......06-22-62

Schroeder Remedies

TO INDUCE SLEEP Mix 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of dark honey (store in wide-mouth jar) - take 2 teaspoons of mix at bedtime. If not asleep in 1 hour, take 2 more teaspoons of mix...then sleep.
TO LOSE WEIGHT 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water each day. Sip at every meal.
CASTOR OIL rubbed onto warts, moles or liver spots will eventually remove same.


The other day, while 5 year old Jessica Foss was sewing with her grandmother, she said "We're just two old grandmothers sitting around sewing aren't we Gram." Then she asked her grandmother to tie another piece of yam to the end of her thread. Her grandmother asked "Why don't you start a new piece so you won't have a knot in your yam." Jessica answered, "That's OK grandma, sometimes I~just lump along and sometimes I just smooth along." To that her grandmother replied, "Don't we all, Don't we all."


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