Jan. 1993 Vol. XIX No. 1

The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE met in Bethany Beach last Sept. and decided that the 19th Reunion would be at Hart's Lake on the Second Sat. of August 1993.

The FINANCIAL COMMITTEE met in Kensington, Md. on Nov. 1st and counted our funds.

The ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE met in Dunnsville, Va. on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1st to practice card games appropriate for the 1993 attendees.

The Steve Schroeder family of Lockeford has reportedly enjoyed a good year in '92. Dr. Schroeder (the "tomato doc") has been hard at work since switching companies to Sunseeds late last year. He is essentially now competing with his own varieties from Heinz that have taken a large market share in California (about Z8,000 acres were planted in his Heinz varieties this year). His Lodi-based Sunseeds office has grown from a small 2-person office to a large 6-person (+seasonal help) one. Dr. Schroeder was influential in acquiring a 78-acre farm for the company, on which he hopes to have greenhouses and a new office built within the next two years. Because he was

MARY BAMFORD'S WEDDING to Michael Scheel will be on May 29th(MIemorial Day Weekend) The Bridesmaid, Best ,Man and WHO'S INVITED are unknown and unannounced as we go to press.

JENNIFER FOSS will receive her Graduate Degree in the Spring of '93 -

CAROLINE FOSS is looking forward to delivering her next child real sooooon!

KARL & JEAN will be visiting Steve & Jean in Lockeford, Ca. after touring California from San Diego to San Francisco. Karl will not see the Redskins play in the Super Bowl because that is Jean's birthday.

MARY & JACK are planning 3 weeks of Elderhostels ir Galveston, Tex. Thibadoux , La. ard Mobile, Ala. learning about Mardi Gras and other things. They plan to visit any hospitable relatives in Pensacola, Virginia Beach, Dunnsville & Deerfield Beach.

CLINTON VOTERS who wish to spend time at the inauguration should bring sleeping bags.

LINDA is kindleing the flame of a tall dark & handsome "old high school friend" whom we will all meet in May (to see whether or not we give our approval).

Catherine PFEFFER Haney and husband, Charles, celebrated their 50th Wedding ANIVERSARY.

Richard Schroeder

Richard Schroeder

Buffalo News reporter Richard Schroeder took second place in the business and finance category for his story "Two large state banks and their accounts."
The election is over

The result is known

The will of the people

Has been clearly shown.

So let's get together

And show by our deeds

That we are all behind BURNS

And do what he needs.

We'll forget our differences

Let bitterness pass

I'll Hug your elephant

And you can kiss my ass.

[Catherine & Charles Haney]
Catherine and Charles Haney

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ALL BAMFORDS, children, grandchildren, in-laws, out-laws and pets spent the recent Holidays at either DISNEYWORLD or DISNEYLAND (the place near Orlando, Fla.)Whats new?

MARK'S ship landed in time for Drake's first birthday. The "Chief" says he saw a lot on his six months tour of Europe when his ship visited Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal besides cruising in the ADRIATIC.

JOHN & JENNIFER DUMONT (with Maggie & Courtney) have taken up residence in their new home in Gulfbreeze, Fla. living on the same street as Debbie & Roseann Allen.

YOUR EDITOR was honored with the presentation of engraved certificate, a gold pen, a free banquet, a red hat and two portrait - all for living 50 years after graduating from THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA.

TOM'S RELATIVES FROM GERMANY,(Kegling & 5 friends) were entertained by Nancy, Tom, Joan and Heidi in Williamsburg and Dunnsville. Va. in late October.

KARL & JACK were given a personal tour, on New Year's Dayv of Tom Jr.'s HOGAM (Indian shelter) on the so. bank of Piscatawy Creek near Bohannon's Landing and were advised that all relatives are invited to use the the shelter - if or when necessary!!!!

JEAN/KARL'S 40th WEDDING ANNlVERSARY BASH will be on Aay 8th 1993, from 3 to 8P.M. St. Andrewws Hall. All brothers sisters, nieces nephews and spouses are invited. Leave children at home, but bring your dancing shoes & appetite, NEED A MOTEL ROOM -call Karl

DON'T FORGET - if you want your children to see this - it's up to you to send it to them.

SCOTT SHECK is "in the Army"- having Completed basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood; he's now at Aberdeen, Ad. looking for his "first cousin-once-removed." (Who DaT?)

KAREN & JOHN have "one in the oven" but it's too early to tell then "B" day is.

ANY VOLUNTEERS to take over this NEWSLETTER - get in touch with the undersigned.


Nicole Zentgraf.........1-10-88
Linda Walsh.............1-13-59
Jessica Foss............1-15-88
Scott Sheck ............1-23-74
Jean Schroeder..........1-31-30


Robert Sheck............2-07-46
Lisa Foss...............2-07-65
Anthony Schroeder.......2-07-91
Helene Storm..........2-08-1899
Mike Schroeder..........2-17-54
Kathy Cohen.............2-19-62
Karen Zentgraf .........2-20-60
Jennifer Schroeder .....2-28-71
Katelyn C. Cohen .......2-29-92


Philip Foss Jr..........3-01-89
Richard Schroeder.......3-19-54
Heidi Bamford...........3-20-65
Pat Lou Schroeder.......3-27-52
Glenn Ackerman .........3-29-69


Respectfully submitted


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