Sept, 92 Vol. XVIII No. 3

Because of the "Paucity' (look it up) of Volunteers - or just interested participants, the CHAIRMANSHIP of the SCHROEDER REUNION has fallen on the very busy hands of Burns Bamford. One of Burns's first moves was to reappoint JACK as the Secretary-Treasurer and editor of the Newsletter.

His second move was to request that the Editor publicly thank anyone who did more than just attend the 1992 Reunion. So, here goes - if anyone is left out, raise hell and we'll make amends....

Karl for his work on the Family Tree; Bill & Pat for the Food Buffet; Heidi for handling finances and taking the body count of 54 adults & 12 children; Virginia, Jean & Ed for contributions to the swap table; Jack Wieghorst for the scratch pads, Lloyd, Sr for the novels & books; Lloyd Jr. for picture taking and volleyball court; Andrew & Charles for the quoit boards; Chris for Hart's Lake Reservations; Nancy & Bob for editing & publishing the newsletter; Bob for the Sound System & music; Cliff for the tubing outing; All the cookie, cake and dessert makers who shared their goodies with a11; Virginia & Cliff, Bill & Kathleen, Ed & Phillis, Carolyn & Lloyd, Burns & Joan and .Mike & Wendy for their generous hospitality to "out of town" guests.

We made $34.00 profit on the 50/50 (thanks to Jack W. & Pegge for the tickets) which will go for postage, printing newsletters and miscellaneous expenses of the Chairman & Secretary.

Future mailings of the newsletter will be to the ORIGINAL NINE (children of William D. Schroeder) who will be responsible to distribute copies to their children, grandchildren, cousins, etc.,,, according to their interest!!!! We've had all kinds of suggestions about places to have the Reunion; having Reunions every other year; or every five years; or not at all!! Keep talking and if the majority want changes made, we'll Make them....BUT IN THE MEANTIME, we have reserved Hart's lake for the second (2d) SATURDAY in August, 1993; Come if you want; go someplace else if you want; stay home if you want; but for those attending, we'll try to make it a good time!!

This year we were pleased to have the following cousins join us for the Reunion: Katherine(& spouse) and Agnes Pfeffer; Helena and Jeannie Schroeder; and Jim & Dot the future, we will be glad to have any cousins, whom you wish to invite & who want to attend, to join with us... no formal invitation is necessary..just tell them about the food arrangements and the admission charge for Hart's lake.

         The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE will meet in Bethany Beach in September to consider positive or negative comments on the '92 Reunion and to make preliminary plans for '93. Submit your remarks through the regular channels.

  Respectfully submitted,


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