Schroeder Reunion News

Editor: Nancy L. Sheck
July 1991

Financial Report:        
Income: $453.00  starting balance
  $45.00  50-50 drawing profit
Total Income: $498.00  
Expenses: $230.00 food
  $162.50 admission
  $25.00 pictures
  $55.00 postage ribbons
  $25.00 ending balance

Many thanks to Lloyd Jr. for the pictures of last years Reunion. Lloyd Jr. will be bringing his album of pictures of past years and please see him for any orders you want done.

Thanks so much to Heidi Bamford for the fine job of acting as Treasurer. The Executive Committee has voted once again for your services with Mark Schroeder as your assistant.

The Reunion is set again for August 10th from noon to 8 pm at Hart's Lake. The following admission will be charged:

Adults $6.50 per person (no additional fee if pregnant!)
3-12 years        $3.25
1-3 years free

Please contact Chris Schroeder by AUGUST 3rd for the number in your family attending.

When entering the Hart Lake area please tell the people at the gate that you are with the Schroeder Reunion. This year also tell the person what ages are in your car; so many adults, so many kids. Only pay Heidi at our area.

Jobs are as listed:

Lloyd Jr.  - pictures
Heidi      - Treasurer
Mike       - coffee
Bill       - swap meet & order food
Pat Lou    - volleyball & pick up food
Jack       - pinata
Peg & Jack - 50-50 drawing
Kim        - survey
Burns      - campaining
Cliff, Ed  - rafting on Sunday
Karl       - wine & cheese party
Mary       - peanut hunt
Bob Sheck  - intercom set up
Joan       - bubble gum blowing contest
Cliff      - card -tame & dominoes (Drew bring yours!)

This is just a thank you from the Editor and the rest of the family for all the work you are going to do. We may forget to say something on Aug. 10th but every little job makes this Reunion as -treat as it is!!' Thanks so much!!!!!

Don't forget to bring your own soft drinks. Also the wine (cover the label) and cheese for Karl's party.
Local women can show off a fine salad or dessert.
Out of towners please bring munchies (chips, dip, pretzels)

Don't forget your T-Shirt. We had a lot of fun with this last year. Rules: find your "root" and wear that color. Example John L. Schroeder (Sr & Jr), all the Shecks and Mark Schroeders, the Dumonts, will wear dark blue. You may put lettering on your shirt or decorate it in any fashion but the base color must be from your root.
Here are this years colors:

Virginia - red
Bill     - dark green
Jack     - dark blue
Ed       - light blue
Mary     - white
Karl     - yellow
Carolyn  - orange
Tom      - tan
Joan     - gray

Big News of the Week: Kim is pregnant and due about Christmas!! (I know EVERYONE knows this but the Editor just found out!)

A Word of Caution: Last year we almost had an incident with a missing purse and wallet. Fortunately it was found in a relatives car. This year please do NOT leave your valuables on the tables and secure your purses. we are not the only group using our area.

Area Code Change: Please note that New Jersey has an area code changed. See Aunt Virqinia for this news.

Other things to bring: sunscreen, bug spray, a raincoat (hope we don't need it), extra pen, paper to write on, lawn chairs, towels, swim suit, a sweater if it gets cool, pictures of missing members of your family.

Enclosed is a map (from John L. Schroeder Sr.) and directions.

If you need the Editor, she and her family are again staying at the Allentown Comfort Inn Friday and Saturday night.

New Address: Mark & Lois Schroeder
1021 Thicket Wynd (yes, Wynd is correct)
Virginia Beach, Va.

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