From: The Executive Committee

To: All Persons Attending the August 11,1990 Schroeder Reunion ------------------------------------------------------------
The Executive Committee met in regular session on July 14, 1990 at 8 a.m. (thanks Chris, I needed that wake-up call!).

The following items were resolved and noted:

Date of Reunion - August 11, 1990

If you are coming please contact Chris Schroeder BEFORE AUG 4th so she knows how much food to order. Chris' home address is 2602 Horsham Road, Hatsboro, PA 19040 or telephone her at (215) 675-5295.

Hours of the Reunion - Noon-8 pm. (When entering gate tell person in charge that you are with the Schroeder Reunion and only pay Heidi)

Bring: your own drinks, chairs, bug spray, serving spoons, table cloths, paper towels, cutting knives, foil and baggies, inner tubes, swimsuit, the dessert or munchies, wine for tasting (cover the label), photos from past year, money for admission and 50-50, your T-Shirt in your "root" color, swap meet items.

If you live 10 miles within Easton area please bring a dessert, if you live further away please bring munchies (pretzels, potatoe chips etc). The Editor also likes dip with her chips!!

This year we want to see what you have been doing so bring pictures and we will post them.

The charge for admission this year will be $6.50 for adults, $3.25 for children ages 3-12, and free to those under the age of three.

Heidi Bamford has volunteered her services to act as treasurer. Please have the correct change for Heidi.

The Awards Committee announces that the Schroeder Reunion prize ribbons have arrived (this year with the name spelled correctly!).

As for July 16th, the Cookbook Committee feels it might be able to have the Cookbook ready in time for the Reunion. Last call, if you have a recipe please drop it in the mail to Nancy Sheck, 22325 Ridge Road, Germantown, Md 20876 as soon as possible. I plan to print the Cookbook August 3rd.

Bob Sheck has volunteered his services for having a public address system so we can make all necessary announcements.

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Please remember about wearing a T-Shirt that is in your "root" color. If you forgot here is the list again:

Virginia: green
Bill: orange
Jack: red
Ed: tan
Mary: lavender
Karl: white
Carolyn: dark blue
Tom: light blue
Joan: yellow

This will really look neat when we take the family photo at the end of the day.

The Corrections Committee has notified the Editor that Aunt Helene's correct phone number is (201) 859-4873 and that Trevor Schroeder was born on May 17, 1990.

We have a change of address for Richard and Diane, Amy and Adam Schroeder as of July 17, 1990:

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schroeder
173 Huxley Drive
Snyder, NY 14226

Change of Address for Glenn and Melissa Ackerman:

Glenn and Melissa Ackerman
1410 Sculac Drive
#18 Victoria Gardens
Bethlehem, PA 18017
tel. (215) 866-2106

Don't forget your jobs:

Virginia: games for kids
Bill: Swap Meet
Pat Lou: volleyball
Jack: Pinata Breaking
Peggy and Jack: 50-50
Mary: Peanut Scramble
Karl: Wine tasting
Carolyn: Set up for dinner and card card (U. Lloyd)
Tom: Report of trip to Germany
Joan: Bubble gum contest and pick up food
Cora: Bingo
Ed & Cliff: Arrange Sunday Raft Trip
Nancy: Cookbook

If you need to contact the Sheck family on August 10th or 11th we will be staying at the Comfort Inn in Bethlehem, PA (215) 865-6300.

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