REUNION XVI ---AUG. l2,l989

Vol XVI No. 2
June l989
Editor: Nancy L. Sheck

To: Schroeder Family Network: From: Nancy L. Sheck,22325 Ridge Rd., Germantown, Maryland 20874

The Reunion Committee has decided that since this is the year of the Branch that we will feature one branch per news bulletin. Please send any history and news of your members to the Editor.

The Editor has compiled over eighty birthdays that cover ninety years. See me (Nancy) if your name is missing.

This year we are honoring Helene Storm as our oldest living member. Helene was born on Feb. 8, 1899 and is a sister to Caroline Koch.

Our youngest member to the family is Philip A. Foss Jr. who was born March 1 l989.

Also I have compiled the current address page which covers thirty three places. If you need this list for your Christmas cards please see the Editor during the Reunion.

For all you Family Tree buffs the Research Committee has been able to expand it backwards for TEN generations. See Uncle Karl or Uncle Tom about the new findings.

Another news column I would like to see is of Great and Favorite Schroeder recipes. Please send yours to the Guest Editor. For this month we feature Nancy Sheck's Beef Stroganoff.

1 1/2 lbs. sirloin cut into thin strips
2 onions, chopped
1/2 lb msushrooms
1 clove garlic, minced
4 TB butter
2 TB flour
1 can consomme soup (don't dilute)
1/2 - 3/4 pint sour cream
1 teaspoon paprika
1 TB Worcestershire sauce

      Dredge meat with flour, salt
and pepper. Saute the 2 onions,
mushrooms, garlic in 4 TB of butter
about 5 min. Add the sirloin and a
little butter if needed. Have pan
good and hot at this point. Stay
with the masterpiece and toss until
browned. This is a quick process
(about 3 min): you want the steak
to be underdone at this point. Lift
out the meat and mushrooms. There
should be about 2 TP of drippings
left. Pour off the extra or add as
needed. Blend in 2 TH of flour in
fat. Add 1 can consomme Coup. Stir
until thickened. Then add sour
cream - salt and pepper to taste.
Deep heat LOW. Add paprika,
Worcestershire sauce and meat. Heat
a few more mins. and serve with
rices peas, hot rolls and salad.
Bon appetit!

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OK- gang it's to stop traveling and time to head back for the Reunion. This year the Reunion is on Aug 12, 1989 at Marlin Lake. Hours are from 12 noon - 8 pm. And the Sheck~s promise to be on time this year!!!

The Reunion Events are as follows but subject to change as needed:

Wine and cheese party- Karl
Games - Carolyn
Family Tree News - Tom
Honoring of oldest and youngest - Karl
Peanut toss - Mary
5O - 50 Drawing - Virginia
Talent and Craft show - Joan
Boating and swimming - Bill and Ed
Sing Happy Birthday to Joan - Burns

On Aug. 13th Jack and Cliff will supervise the tubing of the Delaware River to the All-in. Parents are reminders that their is a age minimum and that life jackets are required for the younger folks.

Please Contact Chris Schroeder ASAP to let her know how many of your family are coming so she can plan the FOOD!!!! Call Chris at (215) B75-5295.

Don't forget you money to cover admission, food costs, 50-50 drawing, and postage for the newsletter.

Correction: In the last newsletter we reported that Mark and Lois had moved to California. We failed to mention that they are in the new house which they have purchased.

For directions to the Reunion: For those of you coming from South Side they are as follows:

At the Old Stoney Inn in Glendon, turn RIGHT onto Island Park Drive.
Stay on Island Park Drive for several miles (at least 4-5), go past Ashland
Chemicals and the SPCA, and Pichel's Corn Stand (good corn),
when Island Park Drive comes to an end at the stop sign, go LEFT---follow
sign to Hellertown
Go to the next stop sign and go straight (this is the junction of
Hellertown and Lower Saucon Rd.) You want to be on Lower Saucon Road.
Go about one mile and look for flags and signs on the right for Marlin
Lake; it is right past a tire store on the right.

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Karl's Biography

Karl's nickname is "Bumps"

Schools attended
Schull Jr. High
Easton High - graduated 1944
Lafayette College - graduated 1949 - BSEE
Northwestern University - graduated 1950, MSEE

Presently works for the U.S. Coast Guard, Washinton D.C. in Aids to Naviqation.
Was Captain of Easton High football team season of 1943.

On football team at Lafayette. During the 1944 season he ran 60 yards to score a touchdown with Rutgers vs. Lafayette game played at Rutgers. Final score 44-O. Karl was awarded the game ball which one day will be awarded to Lafayette.

Enjoys hunting. and fishing especially with his son-in-law John and brother Tom.
Karl likes to, collect antiques He started with license plates then on to insulators, orange juicers (known as reamers), oil cans, shoehorns letteropeners and last but certainly not least button hooks.
Married May 10, 1953 to Jean.

Jean has owned a needlework supply shop "The Crafty Lady" for 7 vears. The landlord is not renewing the lease so she will be retiring as of Aug. 1st.

Karl is now eligible to retire so rather than move and start out all over again, they decided to close the shop with much sadness.

Karl and Jean have five children

Richard-married to Diane and has two children; Amy and Adam. Richard is editor of the Financial page of the Buffalo news - is planning his own financial consulting business and hopes to have it in operation soon.

Steven - married to Jean with one child - Alyssa. Dr. Steve presently top research man for the Heinz Co. in California and travels to Australia twice a year for research and development of a better tomato one with less water content.

Linda- presently a hard working single mom with one child - Sean. Linda is a RN-BSN working for a Pediatric Neurologist in Baltimore.

Karen- married to John Zentgraf with two children- Matthew and Nicole. Karen is an Occupational therapist. She will be returning to her first job at Delray School - United Cerebral Palsy in Baltimore as Director of the Occupational Therapy Dept.

Kim- married to Dan Kavanagh. Kim is the Administrative manager of Free State Reporting Inc. She is doing a super job keeping the office organized since they were awarded three big contracts this year. One of which is for the Grand Jury in Washington D. C.

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Birthday Reports

January February March
Nicole Zentgraft 1-10-88
Linda Walsh      1-13-59
Jessica Foss     1-15-88
Scott Sheck      1-23-74
Jean Schroeder   1-31-30
Robert Sheck       2-07-46
Lisa Foss          2-07-65
Helene Storm       2-08-99*
Mike Schroeder     2-17-54
Kathy Cohen        2-19-62
Karen Zentgraft    2-20-60
Jennifer Schroeder 2-28-71
Phillip A. Foss, Jr. 3-01-89
Richard Schroeder    3-19-54
Heidi Bamford        3-20-65
Pat Lou Schroeder    3-27-52
April May June
Karl Schroeder    4-03-37
Rachel DuMont     4-07-49
Robert Schroeder  4-23-72
Tom Schroeder Sr. 4-28-35
John Flaherty III 4-28-82
Wendy Schroeder   5-06-54
Tom Schroeder Jr. 5-07-60
Mary Bamford      5-08-67
Chris Schroeder   5-19-4V
Adam Schroeder    5-30-87
Nancy Schroeder   6-01-34
Patrick Schroeder 6-01-87
Stephanie Sheck   6-03-72
Diane Schroeder   6-05-54
Casey Unangst     6-07-79
Alyssa Schroeder  6-17-87
David Schroeder   6-22-62
July August September
Carolyn Schroeder  7-02-31
Sean Walsh         7-05-84
Jack Wieghorst     7-08-40
Tylor Foss         7-08-88
Virginia Foss      7-14-16
Bill Schroeder Sr. 7-16-18
Kim Kavanaugh      7-20-68
John Schroeder Sr. 7-22-20
Drew Schroeder     7-27-84
Cliff Sutton       7-28-17
Elizabeth Flaherty 7-29-83
Pat Schroeder      8-04-26
Steve Sc:hroeder   8-11-56
Joan Bamford       8-12-37
Cora Foss          8-14-61
John Sutton        8-15-62
Jill Bamford       8-16-73
Peggy Wieghorst    8-18-48
Jean Schroeder     8-28-49
Betsy Flaherty     8-28-49
Nancy Sheck        9-12-48
Burns Bamford      9-13-37
Lauren Schroeder   9-16-83
Charles Foss       9-20-64
Wm. Schroeder Jr.  9-22-56
John Dumont        9-22-57
Phyllis Schroeder  9-24-27
John Flaherty Sr.  9-26-47
October November December
Mary Lou Unangst   10-01-53
Lois Schroeder     10-05-61
Ashley Schroeder   10-05-82
Dan Smith          10-07-61
Lloyd Foss Sr.     10-07-25
John Zentgraft     10-09-56
Jay Unanqst        10-10-50
Corey Unangst      10-10-82
Matthew Zentgraf   10-14-85
Andrew Foss        10-17-65
Amy Schroeder      10-27-84
Mary Schroeder     10-31-24
Kelsey Schroeder   11-07-87
John Schroeder Jr. 11-15-49
Tom Flaherty       11-22-86
Ed Schroeder       11-23-21
Melissa Schroeder  11-24-69
Caroline Smith     11-28-61
Phillip Foss       11-29-62
Jennifer Foss    12-06-63
Debbie Allen     12-07-50
Steven Schroeder 12-10-85
Ed Carreiro      12-14-52
Lloyd Foss Jr.   12-17-57
Lynn Schroeder   12-19-55
Mark Schroeder   12-27-55

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