TO:  "The Original Wilkes-Barre Street Nine" - spouses and families.

FROM:  Your niece, Kathleen Bamford-Cohen, Guest Editor.

  Twas the weeks before
Christmas And all through our
home Everyone was very busy
Helping me with this poem.

Chris says, "Kathy, please
help me The letter must go
out. If you don't write it
I'll begin to shout."

The Schroeders are important
They want to hear the news So
we'd better get it written
Without taking a snooze.

The four Schroeder sisters In
the paper they were seen
Riding in a convertible
Looking mighty keen.

Cora is expecting another
Kim was recently a Mrs.
Caroline gets married soon
And Bill's getting lots of kisses.

Bobby's playing football
For good 'ole PHS
Tom attended his 35th
At the "better" EHS.

A new pool for Pegge
And a new home for Mark.
Bamfords will be "Christmasing" at
The Walt Disney Park.

Linda in a new home
And Johnny at AT & T.
We're all busy as beavers
Asyou can plainly see.

We're looking for new info
On the Schroeder clan.
Please send your news to Chris
So we can reunion plan.

The date is August 12
To party in the sun.
So put this on your calendar
For our usual day of fun.

During this holiday season
My wish to you is clear,
Merry Christmas to all
And have a wonderful New Year!

VOL XV, NO. 4 December 2, 1988

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