* * * REUNION XV --- AUGUST 13, 1988

  Vol. XV, No.3
August 1, 1988

To:  Schroeder Family Network

From:  Chris, 215-675-5295 [Chris Schroeder Initials]

LAST CALL---The curtain's going up for the big show---AUGUST 13th at Marlin Lake. Come one, come all, to the big top pavilion. Directions are on the back. When you enter, tell the person issuing the tickets you are with the Schroeder Reunion (say it proudly); cost will be $2.00 per person over 3 years of age. We must have a minimum of 45 people to get this rate. So far quite a few of you have not RSVP'd; please contact me with your numbers by Aug. 6th so Will can order the correct amount of food. I know this is tough for the 4 sisters running up and down the East Coast in the van, but hey, I should have received a postcard from at least one of them from Florida! We're all awaiting details of the trip (and souvenirs).

We have the pavilion from noon until 8 p.m. The first act will be the Wine & Cheese (BYOL & Ice). The encore for that will be the Children's Games (with prizes) coordinated by Kathy and Mary Bamford (thank goodness for volunteers; they get extra dessert). Speaking of dessert, would people coming from within a 10-mile radius bring a dessert to share, and those coming from farther away bring some munchies? Other items I made note of last year that people could bring are: bug spray and bug candles, lawn chairs, inner tubes, serving spoons, tablecloths, paper towels, baggies & foil for leftovers, and cutting knives.

Act Two will be the swap meet coordinated by Will. Remember, bring something to get something. Encore for this will be the XVth Reunion Sign on the wall for Participatory comments by Peggy & Jack. Act Three is the Volleyball game, refereed by Pat, who is also interested in golfing with anyone early that morning at the golf course by Marlin Lake. Be at the course at 8 a.m. or call Pat at 215-252-0484.

Intermission is dinner. Cost will be $3 p.p. and we'll have Schafer's bologna, imp. polish ham, chicken roll, 3 salads, breads, etc. Mary has agreed to be treasurer again. I need a volunteer with a van to pick up the platter about 4 p.m. After dinner is the 50-50 drawing (ok, Jack & Peggy?) and picture taking, in this order per Uncle Karl: 1) In-laws, 2)0ut-laws 3) In-laws & out-laws together 4) Children 5)Grandchildren 6) Everyone attending and 7) Individual Families.

So, the countdown for the big show begins; lt. will be fun and we'll all have had a good time when the curtain falls at 8 p.m.

AUGUST 13, 1988

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