Vol. XV, No.2
July 8, 1988

  To:  The Schroeder Family Network

From:  Chris Schroeder, 2602 Horsham Rd., Hatboro, Pa. 19040
       215-675-5295  [Chris Schroeder Initials]

Now is the time for all good Schroeders (and outlaws) to begin planning for their FIFTEENTH Family Reunion. It is also the time for the folks who never left home, i.e. those of you who live in the Easton-P'burg area,to extend that Lehigh Valley hospitality to those who flew the nest---in other words, some of the out-of-town Schroeders need a place to stay reunion weekend. Free, of course, so don't go sending anyone those old hotel brochures you've saved.

Please RSVP to me by August 6th with the number of people from your branch or household that are coming so I can order, through Will, the correct amount of food from Joe's Deli. This year we will try to get Schafer's bologna on the platter. Last year's costs per person came to $3 for food and $2 for lake; I imagine this year they will be in the same ball park, but I will verify that in the early August newsletter.

Anyone who wants a copy of the family tree (so you can grow your own roots), contact Uncle Karl directly: 575 Foxpaw Trail, Annapolis, Md. 21401. Also, be sure to send/bring him any of your significant photos, birth announcements, wedding or engagement announcements, honors, graduation announcements, obituaries (not your own), etc. for the SCHROEDER FAMILY memento album. Think of posterity! Think of the German record-keeping tradition! Think of the fun he has pasting this stuff on paper!

We have had suggestions for a Silent Auction as a fund-raiser and fun-raiser from Lynn; people would bring things for sale with a suggested price and then they are displayed for all to consider purchasing. If you're interested in a particular item or service offered, you put your name and price on a piece of paper by the item. Someone else can then bid higher if they want, etc. It's fun, but I think this family might be too cheap to try it this year, so why don't we stick with a good old-fashioned swap meet which I'm asking my Dad to coordinate. Bring things you're willing to swap with others; come on, clean out that basement. Let's do this after lunch.

We still need deputies---for coordinating the Family Announcements between the 50-50 drawing; for sharing a poem, storey, etc. during this time; for picking up the platters at Joe's; for directing the children s games, for whatever your ideas are. Even if your name isn't Schroeder, we're still letting you come to this reunion, so you have to volunteer for something. Golly!


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