Vol. XV, No.1
June 2, 1988

To: The Schroeder Family Network

From: Secretary Chris (2602 Horsham Rd., Hatboro, Pa. 19040)

[Chris Schroeder Initials]

Now is the time for all good Schroeders and outlaws, inlaws, and whomever else, to begin thinking of our 15th family reunion. Don't forget that it will take place on Saturday, August 13th at Marlin Lake, the site of last year's reunion. We will pretty much utilize the same format as last year (order platters from the deli, each family bring a dessert and their own drinks) unless I receive better suggestions from you soon. Some ideas I did receive are that we invite "Mr. Cook" and Ruby from camp as guests ---if anyone has their address send it to me--- and that our after-dinner business meeting/time together be a little longer. If you would like to say something special at that time, present a gift or award to someone special, recite a poem, tell a story, sing a song, or whatever, please let me know by August 1st. I am looking for a volunteer to coordinate this time together. Any takers? This is your chance for fame and fortune.

 Would the following folks be willing to...
  * Tom & J.R.---show the videos you took at the reunion last year?
  * Tom---report on your June '87 trip to Germany when you researched the family tree?
  * Peggy & Jack---Bring a large sheet of paper and marker for posting on the wall so people can write reunion messages for posterity? Also, continue doing 50-50 drawing.
  * Aunt Mary---Continue to serve as Treasurer?
  * Mike---Make coffee for all after dinner?
  * Bamford girls---Think of games we might organize for the kids under 8 years old and collect "prizes" to award them
  * Karl---Take care of quoits and washers games
  * Pat---- " " " Volleyball game

     These are just a few of the possibilities to be explored. Send me your ideas and what you want to do before I send out the next newsletter around early July. FAMILY NEWS: Jack "Dutch" Schroeder was honored by being inducted into the Catholic University Hall of Fame in April; Kim Schroeder and Dan Kavanaugh are to be married in the fall; Steve & Jean had a daughter, Alyssa, last fall; and Zentgrafs had a baby girl in January (Nicole Elisabeth). CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL & Welcome to the new additions.

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