Vol. XIV, No.3
November 22, 1987

To: The al1 households on my mailing list

From: Schroeder Secretary Chris [Chris Schroeder Initials]

During this glorious week of Thanksgiving it is time to remember family in our thoughts and prayers.  I hope this newsletter finds you all in good health and good company.  It is also a good time to review Reunion XIV and be planning ahead for Number 15.

Fiftyfour of you attended this year's reunion, and by all accounts had a good time.  Marlin Lake turned out to be an excellent location, and Joe's Deli hit the spot;  both will be returning next year.  There has been a request for a map and/or written directions to Marlin Lake from all directions;  if you can provide either, please mail to me.


Financial Report:

    We made approximately $100 on the 5050 drawing.  It has been spent the following ways:  $37 reimbursement to me for '87 expenses (lake deposit and stamps);  $25 put down as deposit on '88 reunion date to lake;  $20 for stamps and envelopes for this and '88 mailings;  balance to cover slight shortchange in food and lake for '87.  So, we are now operating pretty much in the black and next year ought to do better since there will be minimal reimbursements to me.  Thanks to Peggy & Jack for running the 5050.

Family News:

    It appears you all have forgotten each other, or me, because no one is sending any announcements.  One that came too late for the last newsletter is that both Mark Schroeder and Bob Sheck were promoted to Chief Petty Officer in the U.S.N.  Congratulations to our boys in blue.  Kathy Bamford and Bruce Cohen tied the knot in August and we all celebrated the joyous occasion with them in September.  September also saw the honoring of another union,  that of Phil and Cora Foss;  welcome to the clan,  Cora!  J.R. & Lynn have made another addition to the Schroeder name:  Kelsey Lee was born on Nov. 7th.  Keep those babies coming, folks,  so I don't have to carry on the tradition!

Reminder:  Send Jack pictures of your family for his keepsake " memento album" we gave him at the reunion as a token for his past organization efforts.

  Thanksgiving Peace,

Chris Schroeder
2505 Horsham Rd.
Hatboro, Pa. 19040

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