N EWS   B ULLETIN Vol. XIV, No.3
August 5, 1987

To:  All Relatives Coming to the Reunion

From:  Chris, 2606 Horsham Rd., Hatboro, Pa. 19040
  [Chris Schroeder Initials]

[Fortune - Find some time to look up some older realatives] I opened up this fortune cookie the other day, and realized it was time to get this last newsletter out to you before the reunion next week.  Some of you requested directions, so Jack wasgood enough to send us a map of Northampton County which you will find on the back.

Seriously, though, folks, for those of you who need directions to beautiful downtown Wassergass, from South Side they are as follows:

  At the Old Stoney Inn in Glendon, turn RIGHT onto Island Park Drive
  Sta y on Island Park Drive for several miles (at least 45 miles), Go past Ashland Chemicals and the SPCA, & Pichel's Corn stand (good corn)
  Whe n Island Park Drive comes to an end at a stop sign, go left follow sign to Hellertown
  Go to the next stop sign and go straight (this is the junction of Hellertown Road Lower Saucon Rd.)
  You  want to be on Lower Saucon Rd
  Go about 1 Mlle and look for flags and slogans on the right for Marlin Lake; lt. is right past a tire store on the right.

Now you might wonder how I know all these details.  Well, I checked out Marlin Lake last week, and let me tell you, Joan & Will have found a great place for the reunion.  I think you will really like it. Lots of room, nice pavilion, good swimming and fishing, quiet, etc.

So far we have representatives from almost all families in attendance.  The total is 37 plus several children under 3.  If I hear from 2 more families (you know who you are), I think our total is going to be closer to 50.

Jack is full of suggestions since he is not organizing this thing this year; he suggests a mailing to all primaries and secondaries since we'll have a treasury. Being the responsive niece that I am, I will collect all names and addresses you bring me on the 15th and add them to the mailing list.  Gene Herm will be invited with this mailing.



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