Vol. XIV, No.2
July 7, 1987


* * * REUNION XIV---AUGUST 15, 1987 * **

To:  All Primaries and Secondaries

From:  Secretary Chris [Chris Schroeder Initials]

In spite of a last minute entry which garnered two votes and actually tied for first place, I voted for a reunion location closer to home to break the tie.  While Phil Foss's nomination of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean would appeal to you seashell collectors and lovers of cheap wine (and ladies would have no problem finding somewhere to stay over), we will all be meeting instead at MARLIN LAKE in beautiful downtown Wassergass.  So, men, fear not, you won't have to sleep under coconut trees as Phil suggested (and Mark Schroeder agreed with!).

All you deputies did a great job in reporting back on your assignments.  Joan and Bill get the credit for finding what appears to be an ideal location for the reunion, and only 8 miles from Wilkes Barre St.  Marlin Lake is between Hellertown and Williams Twsp. and has the following:

Pavilion---Covered, holds 45+ people
Lake---For swimming and fishing (Lifeguard provided)
Sand---For sand castle contests (Virginia, you're the judge)
Boating---$3 to put yours in; $4/hr to rent one
Volleyball equipment---(Pat, get the game going)
Quoits, Horseshoes---(Karl, you're in charge)
Toilets---For those of you with excessive concerns about
           the number of "Jiffy Johns"

We have the Pavilion ran or shine.  The cost is $90 minimum for 45 people, and $2 per person for over 45.  In any case, it's $2 p.p.; children under three are free.  Now don't be cheap and decide not to come because I already put a deposit down.  The Treasurer (Virginia) and a Deputy (Mary) will collect your fees at the reunion.

The only things Marlin Lake does not have are refrigerators and grills, although there are electrical outlets.  Beer is allowed, but not liquor, but, hey, I'm not going to check those plastic glasses.  In order to make feeding our faces as simple as possible, I have acted on another suggestion from Deputy Joan.  We will order a Party Tray (s) from Joe's Deli in Easton.  For $3.00 per person we will get:

Roast Beef, SCHAFER'S Bologna, Turkey Breast
American, Swiss, & Cubed Sharp cheese
Potato Salad, Baked Beans, & Cole Slaw
Rye Bread, Hard Rolls, Pickles, Olives, Chips
Mustard, Mayo, Salt & Pepper
Plates, Napkins, Forks & Spoons

- OVER -

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If at all possible, RSVP to me by August 8th with the number of people from your family coming so I can order a fairly accurate amount of food.  I am looking for a FOOD DEPUTY with a large car/trunk/van to make a food run at 4 or 5 p.m. so traditionalists can eat "on time".  Any of you Foss kids or Bamford girls have wheels?

Now, on to more important things---desserts.  Yum Yum.  The following people and their blood line are asked to bring at least one dessert to share:  Virginia, Mary, Carolyn, Joan, me, Lynn, Phyllis and anybody else who wants.  The following are asked to bring appetizers/snacks/munchies:  Jack, Tom, Karl, Mike, Pat (my sibling), and anybody else who is going to consume a disproportionate amount of salty munchies.  Of course, it is still BYOL&I  (Bring your Own liquids and Ice).  We have the pavilion from noon to 8 p.m.  If you want, picnic for lunch there, or eat a big breakfast.

I will try to get a schedule of activities out before the l5th, but if I don't, I am counting on the following Deputies for:

Jennifer:  A boom box for sounds
J.R.:  Games to keep people off my back in case of rain
Tom:  Report of family history (a Schroeder history trivia game maybe?)
Cliff:  Transportation for inner tubing Sunday afternoon
Carolyn:  Coordinate the book, magazine, & coupon exchange
Peggy & Jack:  50/50 chairpersons (to reimburse the sec'y
    for stamps and build a kitty for next year)
Now, if I've forgotten anything, too bad.  On to more important things again---family NEWS.  Tom went to Germany in June to visit ancestral homes; the younger set of the Hawaiian delegation has gone punk (I love the idea of a mohawk, Steph!); John Sutton turns 25 on 8/l5 and has better things to do than spend his birthday with us; Phil Foss got married to Maria Corazon Ongcoco del Mundo from the Philippines (thank goodness she has a nickname, Cora, and I never thought I'd say this, but she changed her last name(to Foss)); Phil wants mail (and an updated copy of the family tree, Karl---Box 8, NCS 572, FPO, San Francisco, Ca. 96685-1800.  Come on and write to him and Mark; give them a break, they're floating around the Indian Ocean somewhere defending your freedom from Indians.  More Baby News:  Richard and Diane are the proud parents of Adam George Poe Schroeder born 5/30 and weighing in at 81bs.+; Mike and Wendy brought another healthy 8 pounder into the world on 6/1, Patrick Spenser; and Lynn and J.R. are due another in November.  Remember, folks, if you don't want your personal business in print, don't tell me.


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