* * *  SCHROEDER FAMILY REUNION  * * * August 15, 1987

To:  All primary aunts and uncles and their spouses
          AKA "The Original Nine"

From:  Your niece, Chris Schroeder [Chris Schroeder Initials]
          AKA " Newly Appointed Secretary"

Re:  Reunion XIV

There has been a changing of the guard; the baton (or pen, so to speak) has been passed from Uncle Jack to me.  I have inherited a box of reunion memorabilia from "Does-he-throw-anything-away-Jack" including a bag of either 1) bubble gum balls or 2) marbles.  If they are the latter, we will definitely have a Pap-Pap Memorial marble shoot this year.  If they are the former, be careful before you chew any prizes you win.

In an effort to get the 14th reunion off to a start, I met with 1/3 of you (Joan, Mary, Bill) May 31st as the temperature climbed to the 90's.  We stayed cool in the pool, though, and set the date for the reunion---Saturday, August 15, 1987.  Joan will coordinate mass attendance on this Holy Day of Obligation (in more than one way).

The big decision this year since the camp has been sold is where to have the gathering.  Popular suggestions are:

1.  All-In cottage, Carpentersville  (Virginia, what do you think?)
2.  Charles Foss's home, Sandt's Eddy; use adjacent firehouse for meals and back-up if it rains.  (Carolyn, please investigate fees and reservations)
3.  Lopatcong Twsp pool  (Joan, check it out)
4.  My house, with back up at my Dad's if it rains  (Our pool is not dependable/leaks this year)
5.  Bill's house  (Pat, what do you think?)
6.  A state or county park in Northampton County---Ideas, anyone?
7.  Cancel the reunion this year.  (This may turn out to be the winner)

If I don't hear from you regarding strong preferences either way by June 26th, I will make the decision after I hear from the Deputies (everyone above in parentheses).  Criteria will be: space, swimming facilities, fees, privacy, rain protection, and freedom to tipple.  Decision will be made public in the next bulletin on approximately 7/1.

- Over -

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News:  Aunt Ada received a lot of bucks and loved her tree;  babies are arriving, or will be, at an increasing rate (Betsy, Karen, Wendy, Jean, the younger]);  Jack & Pat celebrated 17 years together in April;  E.J. visited the Hawaian delegations in February courtesy of the U.S. Navy;  I swam in a national championship at the Schroeder Aquatic Center in Milwaukee in May;  Mary's putting on her retirement hat after the longest tenure at EAHS of any teacher;  Bill's decided to live and love a little since his 5Oth high school reunion in November.

If you want more news, come to the reunion and ask people yourself.

I have enclosed, hopefully, enough copies of this bulletin so you can forward one to each of your children. It is up to you to notify them of the date and plans, so do it now.


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