[Money Tree for Aunt Ada]

                   The SCHROEDERS are going to plant a "Money-Tree" for Aunt Ada's 93rd birthday and it had better be a big one or the "slackers" will be disowned and dis-invited to the 1987 Reunion.
                    Don't worry about a birthday card (unless you already have one for her)... just put $1.00 - for each person in your family - in an envelope with the coupon below and send it to Aunt Ada before her birthday.
                   Next get each of your kids and each of thier kids to do the same thing! Her address is already on the enclosed stickers.
                   Considering what she did for us while we grew up, this will be a small return.
                   If your kids won't cooperate - do it for them! If anyone doesn't have a dollar, tell them to write me and I'll furnish it!

"The Secretary"

P.S. Do not tell her about this letter..see what she figures out!

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[SMILE FIGURE]  Dear Aunt Ada,
               We could have bought you a birthday card , but we heard that you were growing a money tree. This cash on your tree should be greener than any card we could send.

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